told ya so

Undertaker never really burned Kane’s house down as a kid… Kane got the burn at the makup artist’s room.

21 thoughts on “told ya so”

  1. how do you guys know that – hey everyone who reads this who made the coment about kane and undertaker how the hell do you know that?im just saying where did you get that kind of information anyway?if you have coments email me at peace out.

  2. well duh! – i mean, c’mon… no one really beleived that Kane was burned… Glen Jacobs (Kane’s real name) wrestler in the WW(F)E before he got his kane gimmick, as his own name, and he wasnt wearing any masks…

  3. ??? – Who seriously watches that worthless crap that people like to call tv, it is pointless!!!!

  4. Friend – She doesn’t need any friends I bet she has a ton (and that maeans im standing up for her)

  5. WRESTLING IS FAKE ANYWAYS – Wrestling is nothing but fake-ass shoot on tv, if ur watching that shoot ur wasting ur time.

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