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I am in no way a fanatic of the Catholic Church, however you should be a little more specific about this fact. For one, these fees were called ‘indulgences’ and yes they did favor the rich. Nevertheless, this was not the only way to get into “heaven” or out of “hell” (you could also join a Crusade to have admittance). The time period for this is during what we know as the Dark Ages, a time where man’s mind was quite primitive and unstable. This allows for people to do their very best to ensure their happiness in the afterlife by paying such fees. This “fee” business stopped when Martin Luther (not the African-American Rights Activist) apposed the Catholic Church, was excommunicated with the Church and city and started his own Church, the Lutherian Church, where all the commandments were followed properly. After losing popularity, the Catholic Church discontinued ‘indulgences’ and eventually the 10% income taxes, however, still remain the richest church today.

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  1. I hope this is from memory and not your teacher’s notes – It’s opposed, not apposed.

    It’s the Lutheran Church, not Lutherian.

    And it is not called income taxes, it is a tithe. And it has not been stopped, but in fact is still encouraged in many of the Christian religions. It’s just that no one does it anymore, because it apparently is too difficult for many to meet the 10% tithe.

  2. Personally – I don’t really care about the religious stuff, i mean i like everything else just hate the religious stuff. I think that religion is simply a myth created by man to explain what he couldn’t. For instance the story of Noah’s ark was a rip off of an explained phenomenom of the time. You see an arab country did regularly get floods but one year a massive flood came and killed most of the people. The king though was lucky enough to grab a ship full of cargo and livestock (and anyone who had enough money) and sailed for about a week. when he landed on a nearby hill he claimed victory by letting out one of the doves he brought along. many of the people who lived on the ship were amazed at their luck and told a story about it. like the game telephone it traveled from country to country until it got to the Catholic chuch. They had a brainstorm and re-wrote it to include god and all that other crap. they passed it on and soon the original tale was soon gone. And that is only ONE of the reasons why I hate religion as it twists things to include god. If you want to hear the rest of my reasons read the bible THOUROGHLY and get a hold of many copies as with each copy the stories vary slightly. (For example the Mormon bible has a man who saw Jesus when he looked in a hat)

  3. ? – Wait, if you dont care about religious stuff then why did you write that big message about it with lots of words that i didnt read?

  4. it didnt stop then – the ‘indulgeses’ didnt stop when martin luther startet his one church or when calvin started his(by the way that was in the same period )but when the catholic church signed a treaty in which they agreeaed on changeing some of there habits such as these ‘indugeses’.so learn youre lesson again.

  5. hang on – wait where did you guys come up with this shoot? we do not collect indulgences, and if we ever did, it was a long long time ago. check ure facts. i dont care if ure a fragin fan or not ( who the frag cheers religions? :S). im not a fanatic of Penecoastal Church, cuz there always trying to get you to join their religion

  6. Learn to read – danny9101 wasn’t saying that the church IS corrupt, he’s saying it once WAS. Nobody would disagree with that considering the “crusades” killed enormous numbers of people because of religion. He did say at the end that the catholic church “DISCONTINUED ‘indulgences’ and eventually the 10% income tax”. The last sentence left out some words, but what he said at the end was that the catholic church is still the richest church, which it is. And yes, churches to try hard to get members (making the jahova’s witnesses very annoying), but it’s only because they are trying to convince you of what they think is the “truth” (unless it is one of the rare corrupt churches, such as they were 50-100 years ago). Clearly this fact shows how the old practices were shown to be wrong and stopped. I still disagree with the church, but I don’t think it’s evil, and I don’t think danny lied.

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