Pee Rainbow?

You can see how hydrated you are by checking the color of your urine. If it’s a dark yellow to yellowish-green, you are under-hydrated. If it’s light yellow to clear, you’re very well hydrated.

16 thoughts on “Pee Rainbow?”

  1. more of a rainbow – I think I heard that pee comes in more than just yellows and whites. (Purp, red, and so on.)

  2. Pee-inspection programs – Heya billy-bob ….does theese urine looka like a shade a green to yer?

  3. ?? – no color means u have too much water in ur body, and if its really dark it means u have too many toxins in ur body, have a few beers and then go for a slash the next day its like pissing really smelly beer

  4. - if ur piss is red, then it is mostly blood, and that isnt very good 4 u, but its funny as hell

  5. u guys are korny as hell – u guys say the most korny shoot ever. Why don’t u guys kome up with better shoot to say. I’m talking about all u dumbass ppl who’s listed above me

  6. Truth of the matter is… – If your urine is dark, it is true that you are dehydrated. It could also mean a numerous amount of other things. For example, something in your diet or an imbalance of vitamins in your system. If it is clear, it is not always a sign that you are hydrated. On the very oppostie side, if you’ve been drinking alcohol, your urine will also come out very clear. Alcohol does not hydrate you either, popular to contrary belief.

  7. not true. – nope. when you have too much vitamin c your pee’s yellow. your body only needs a certain amount a day and the rest comes out in your urine.

  8. ADH – The colour of your urine is determined by a hormone called ADH (I think) – meaning that if you’re dehydrated, your body stores up water and your urine is more concentrated. If you’re well hydrated, your body doesn’t store up so much.

    I think.

  9. Beware of clear pee! – You can only tell that you are well-hydrated from clear urine if you have not been drinking diuretics (things that make you pee) like caffein and alcohol. If you just finished a 12-pack and are peeing clear you’re not really well-hydrated, just sauced. You’re probably severly DEhydrated- hence the hangover the next day! Can I drag this out any longer?! Yes. Yes I can.

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