Kitty Condum

In ancient chinese culture it was common for them to use the lining of a cats stomach as a condom.

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  1. blood roses – and in american history…before we came out with a “rubber” american colonists used pig intestine for condoms….*interesting ain’t it?*

  2. right…. – Is it the thickness, or the lacking transfer of heat that gets you going pig intestine person, If male, there would be a lesser feeling in the penis because the thickness of the intestine would interfere, and if female, there would be less heat transfer, but for some people, that is not a real problem…

    Oh, the bladder was also used, once filled with peas, usually, for a football, hence the origin of the word we use for the part that holds the air, the ‘bladder’.

  3. if it’s true….interesting – Who kares if the kondoms was made from the lining of a kat’s stomach?? Besides it was back in ancient day, I mean those weird-ass ppl did a lot of shoot with the animals back then.

  4. that seriously sucks – man, i feel bad for the cat..and the woman..actually over all thats just gross…but wait did they rele use condems bak then?

  5. yea.. – Did they even use condoms back in ancient times? I dont think so…In china they still eat cats. MMMM tastes like chicken!

  6. ok… – hey santana201j what is ur absesion with the letter k you use that a a subsetute for c all the time im mean are you retarted? just wondering

  7. condoms – Vamp,I woulndt be talking about anybody else if I were you.Your at least one can short of having a six pack.

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