41 thoughts on “guess what?”

  1. yes! – You can suck my perfect 9 inch German cock! Esp you jew!!! hahahaha!!!! I’ll screw the jew out of you jprg!

  2. german “size” – i guess this should go as another fact but after reading the earlier comments i decided to post it here instead. during WWII as propoganda the allies dropped extra large condoms on germany labeled as medium because it has been shown that statistcally germans have the smallest penis.
    so, in other words….suck on what??

  3. hhmmm –
    i dont no why its so bad to be called a jew. im from england. is it sum american/german thing?

  4. Yeah – Calling someone a Jew isn’t being racist you dumbass, a racist is someone that looks down upon a certain “Race” not a religion

  5. jprg – if you r going to use a different language, at leadt use it right, it is …et toi?…
    which would have the meaning and u

  6. guess what else? – at least i have a life, and i dont want to waste it writing stupiid stuff like “u suck” on this god damned site

  7. also – i dont no if ane1 else noticed…but this one has gotten a whole bunch of results, 12 to be exact, whereas the others have gotten closse to none….kinda makes u wonder huh?

  8. who gives crap? (lol) – i don’t. hey if u r going to have a site with worthless facts, please make sure they are facts. i don’t suck. i m a virgin. BITE ME!!!!ps. you suck worse. *smile*

  9. moron! – hey, purpleasshole07! “et tu” is Latin, not French! if you’re not sure what you’re talkin’ about, shut your goddamn mouth!

  10. u can tho – remove both of your lower ribs and you can. Marilin Mansin (have no idea how to spell his name) did it =/
    p.s. he is one sick person

  11. Dear PANZER – You should really shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!This fact is really for you,you fathead.You do know that everybody hates you and you suck BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!So just shut your mouth you German cockhole!!!!!!!And in janedoe’s words,BITE ME!!!!! If anybody agrees please reply.

    P.S.janedoe22 your pretty cool.

  12. your wrong confused pyro – marlin manson never really removed his ribs that was just another rumor by people who suck

  13. holy shoot fact guy – look at what u caused here…haha ppl are complaining about what u said, but then again are talking worse shoot to eachother….does that make sense? whatever!!

  14. here you go again Snatana201J – ur being a big dick head again…oh by the way if any one whats me to suck them i will…we could even cyber whatever….i care but i really like o suck anything i can get my mouth on (hint hint) take for example last nite i had a 3some with the hotest boy and girl oh man i sure came last nite…just think about it makes me wet….like i said just write back…if you want more details…:P mmm

  15. omg…..popular chick here every1!!! – geez vamp…….u get around……..!! At first I thought u were just an immature bitch….but now I think ur an immature slut!!! hahaha….. every1 she is only in the 10th grade, but because she is sooooooo damn smart, she skipped the 9th grade….. wow she get a round of fragin applause!!!

  16. HAhahahaha…..noo – You might want to rephrase that, vampire thing. This isn’t a horny phone call where you could do whatever the frag you want. And this isn’t your goddamn webpage either. Oh and by the way, have you stuck up any of those instruments you “suppoesdly” play up your ass? Or how about the flute up youre chocha? I’m not the sex-craved hoe here, YOU bragged.

  17. A FACT! – Did you know… That you guys have been sucking on this topic for more than ONE YEAR?!! Damn!! Get a life Suckas!!!!


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