Egg-Laying Mammals

The platypus and echidna are the only mammals that hatch from eggs. Both live in Australia.

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  1. The Platypus – The Platypus is infact a monotreme, not a mammal, the same applies to the two species of echidnae to which you were referring, however they do both live in Australia. So does the worlds deadliest snake: Fierce snake and the worlds most dangerous snake: Taipan. These two are classed the way they are because the Fierce snake is deadly, it has potential, the most toxic of all venoms, while the taipan is dangerous because not only does it have highly toxic venom, but it also is more aggressive.

  2. snakes – actually, it is a FEAR snake, not fierce and the reason they are the deadliest is that one drop of their venom has the potency to kill 300 ppl, where as #2, the black mamba is only about 250

  3. Mammal definition – A mammal nurses it’s young…with MAMMARY GLANDS. Hence, platypi and echidnas are mammals.

  4. Er… – I may be wrong, but isn’t one criterea of being a mammal that you bear your children instead of laying them?

  5. no one is dumb- just misinformed – see monotremes are mammals and are branched of marsupials. for example we are mammal and are part of the primape family- we are also classified as homosapiens- the reason why platapus lay eggs is because australia has been isolated a longer while from everywhere else (im referring to plate techtonics) so its animals have had a chance to develop unique chracteristics- so boiled moose stop tryng to sound intellegent and get your facts straight before sharing any information

  6. Half-wit – For all those ignorant people who can not face the facts and are persistent in calling the Platypus and Echidna a mammal, you are all mentally precarious. It is quite conspicuous that these two animals only common to Australia are infact monotremes. I am grateful that there are some who are willing to accept this minor fact.

  7. big words – i hate big words. they might mean something important but im too lazy to look them up in a dictionary. only nerds care wether or not the platypus is a mammal. i like being dumb.

  8. Platypus has a venomous claw – It’s true I swear. A Vietnam Veteran in Queensland told a newspaper that getting stabbed by a platypus was more painfull than getting shot, this was the first known case of someone getting poisoned by any mammalian.Also when you try to pat an echidna, it will twitch a little so its spikes kind of stab you a bit. It doesn’t hurt all that much though and they usually burrow into the ground before then anyways. Monotrmes are in the marsupial family and marsupials are in the mammal family.

  9. Fact – the only criteria for a mammal are that it has hair and feeds it young through mammary glands, both of these animals meet that

  10. Look it up.. – ALL of you are right about these animals being monotremat and mammals. The Webster Dictionary definition of monotremata is “the living order of primitive egg-laying MAMMALS. They are native to the Australian region and include the echidna and duckbill”

  11. monotremes – monotremes are mammals period there in no changing it egg laying mammels , and as for qualifying as a mammal, an animal that is nursed from tis mothers mammary glands(tits to u and me) just cause mammals have other shoot in common but thats not what makes them a mammal, P.S IF YOUR BOTTLE FED YOUR NOT A MAMMAL U ALIENS!!!

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