The original coke contained cocaine and was labeled as a “cure all miracle drug”. It became the popular soda when it carbonated water was accidentally added to it. The cocaine, however, was later removed when people began to become addicted.

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  1. Sure there isn’t cocaine in it still? – Sure there isn’t a little coke in that coca cola still, lol? Heck, I am addicted to it anyway. (yes, to all you “know-it-alls” i know caffeine is addictive)

  2. hmm… – this doesn’t make sense, they were getting addicted to coke, in the coke but that would mean they were buying more, u would think they would like this

  3. wrong.. – I recently read in a magazine that coke was really created when a man was trying to make some kind of syrup like cough syrup that tasted good, when he had his assistant taste it, he liked it. When they were making a second batch they added carbonated water.

  4. what’s in a name? – Coca colla was named for the plant cocain comes from, the coca plant. Not to be confused with cocoa, which is chocolate. But if you ask me, they’re equally addictive.

  5. Other Coke Facts – Coke is also used to clean blood off the ground after a fight or accident. If you put Coke in your toilet it will clean it like those toilet cleaner things you can buy. And also if you leave a nail in a can of Coke for five days or so, it will disolve. It was either a nail or a quarter I can’t remember.

  6. o_0 well acuwily* 0_o – cokaine was in it to make it addicktive and when drugs became illeageal they had to take it out

  7. thesnowmanrocks – I heard it would dissolve a tooth. My grandma heard it on Paul Harvey. says it’s an urban legend.

  8. Coca Cola Origins – Coca Cola was originally green and it was meant to cure headaches, i know it helps mine, i dont think it had cocaine in it tho

  9. reveek – coca cola didn’t contain cocaine it contained plant called coca which is an ingredient in cocaine. the reason coca was put in originally was to make the drink addictive and to increase sales.

  10. No one knows – No one knows how koka kola got it’s name, or what it kontains back in the early day, becuz all u guys are saying different shoot. If they did put all this shoot inside koka kola, that’s why it’s so FRAGileING NASTY!!!!!!

  11. futurama addict – Epiphany! has anyone noticed how on Futurama their popular pop drink called Slurm is GREEN?!

  12. ahem – coke is NOT green!!! It’s only bottles that have a slight green tint to it, but bottles were soon abandoned for the more cheap and durable aluminum cans thus enforcing the belif that Coke used to green.

  13. Yeah! – Futurama is awsome! I saw this one episode where they go to Atlantis, the lost city, and there are mermaids and mermen. They turned into the merpeople because of the caffien in the coke that spilt when the city went “under” (Yes i know i do watch too much TV)

  14. yeah… – back to the POINT…Coke was originally invented by a pharmisist, like sukaranboo said. When( or if) ever in doubt, go to the World of Coke in Atl…soon to be in Centennial Olympic Park.

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