My eyes!!!!

The only difference between brown eyes and every other colored eyes is that brown eyes have more pigment.

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  1. You so dumb – The only difference is more pigment? How about the different that they are just different COLORS!!!

  2. rite – uh hullo…someone failed science worse than i did!! pigmentation IS colour, well, what gives living things colour anyways

  3. Uh… – KiRsT – it’s something called menolin (sp?). People with blonde hair and blue eyes, with white skin, have less menolin in their bodies than someone with brown hair, with brown eyes, with tanned skin. I think…

  4. sp… – its called “melonin” and i believe but correct me if im wrong, melonin only exists in hair its the chemical that gives your hair its pigment the one for your eyes has a different name.

  5. Oops, my bad… – I never was very good at biology. :P Well, Phoebe, I bow down to your overwelling knowledge.

  6. so does that mean. . . – that people with grey eyes have the least amount of pigment in theri eyes?

  7. My eyes!! – ~*~ummm…hate to burst your bubble but green eyes are the ones with more pigment…duhh…~*~

  8. actually – eyes that have the least pigment are red. because they have so little pigment the blood in the back of their eye is reflected to the front which gives the eye it’s red color. People and animals who have this condition are called albinos (sounds like some southern country) and their skin is a VERY pale. P.S. only 1 in 100,000 people have this condition.

  9. Deadbob.. – I get what ur saying…when I finally saw the word ‘albinos’ I knew what u was talking about…u kinda had me lost in the beginning.

  10. Mhm. – True, but anyone who knows how to mix colours would know that. All primary colours together make brown.

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