Wow……… weird eh?

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out and
a snail can sleep for three years. Would you beable to handle not being able to stick your tounge out at your sister? or being able to sleep for three years?

7 thoughts on “Wow……… weird eh?”

  1. um dumbos –
    1st. u cannot sleep 4 3 yrs i think afta 3 weeks u wud die of stvation
    2nd if u didnt stick ure tongue out u cud never moisten ure lips. oh and try 2 not lick ure lips wen eating a doughnut it is the hardest thing i nthe world!

  2. Dumbos? – Hmm, animated Elephant…. ok

    1. It was hypothetical. 2. You’re the dumb shoot who took it serious and then makes a comment which is barely readable.

  3. :-p – and who said the snail can sleep for 43 years.They said 3 dumbass.oh and learn how to spell.

  4. it’s that time of month – loosen up hannah. He was kidding. Learn to take a joke. At the samt time, you other people. You’ve never used internet slang before? It’s “for 3 years” not 43 years. Hannah was just stating the facts. And she never said crocs have lips, she said YOU have to stick out out YOUR tounge to wet YOUR lips. Everyone stop being so harsh. P.S. If i was harsh, sorry for being a hypocrite.

  5. sleepy… – theres a very small insect or parasite, cant remember..-.-; that in lethal situations, they shut their body down, force themselves to die basically. when their brain senses that surroundings are livable again, they come back to life. i dont know how it works exactly, but some scientists found one in the desert and examied it, and it was 153 years old. they put water on it and it came back to life. i forgot what it was called though >.<

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