Homosexual Origins?

Around the first century AD, Jewish writers invested the story of the destruction of Sodom with homosexual conotations, earlier texts contain no mention of sexual orientation ( the origional crime of the Sodomites appears to be thier violation of the laws of hospitality by insisting on knowing Lot’s two visitors). Eventually, the act of anal sex became known as sodomy.

3 thoughts on “Homosexual Origins?”

  1. Duh! – In the bible when it says that someone “knew” them that means they have had sex with them. The sodomites wanted to know the two visitors, meaning have sex with them!

  2. Knowing things – And while most of the time “knew” does refer to sex, it is possible that knowing could happen. Much like they knew Jesus would come. They knew that Noah had an ark. And something tells me they weren’t having sex with those things. However, even if the Sodomites were destroyed for “knowing” Lot’s visitors, usually rape is a bad thing. Destroying a city filled with rapists makes a fairly good bit of sense.

  3. Panzer loves the cock – So if “knew” means they had sex with them then how many of your male neo-nazi friends knew your ass. probably all of them.

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