To Pyros: Wisconsins great!!!!

In Wisconsin, after 3:00 a.m., you have to send a rocket signal in the air after every mile you drive. Then wait a minute for a response.

11 thoughts on “To Pyros: Wisconsins great!!!!”

  1. Think – This would be one of those laws that aren’t enforced, kinda like selling lemonade without a permit, its not legal, yet its not enforced, oh yeah and the law wasn’t invented, it was created, oh and jprg1964 I think you are a fruit

  2. Wiskonsin’s a gay-ass state anyways – idc if that law is true or not becuz I don’t live in that kountry-ass state, and I’m sure ain’t from it.

  3. Idiots! – IT’s a stupid law, but not as stupid as you fragwits calling people fruits, because if they’re not gay then it doens’t matter, and if they are then you’re just pointing out the fraging obvious. you all really need to get a fraging life. what did that person ever do to you. LewAir i hpoe someone finds you, ties you up and sodomises you like the fraging pitiful little bitch you are!

  4. umm SUUUUURE – I’m from WI and I’ve been on the road after 3 in the morning and I’ve never heard of someone lighting off flares for driving around. What would the point of that be anyway?!

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