Something, somewhere, it went terribly wrong!

The most searched thing on every year is porn.

7 thoughts on “Something, somewhere, it went terribly wrong!”

  1. porn – porn has been the biggest thing on the internet since it was invented(the internet)
    Pornos is greek for male prostitute

  2. Interesting Link – I’m a big fan of the webcomic MacHall ( and if you look back in the archives, at some point (I forget how) the creators discovered that the majority of people directed to the site from search engines were looking up ‘digimon porn’. Exactly how the link was made to MacHall shall probably never be known…I highly recommend the comic, though.

  3. makes you wonder…. – to 3mbry0n!c_Ch!ck3n: how did you find out about that site? did you type in digimon porn??

  4. … – As my stepdad said, “Boys are horny. From the ages of about 13 until, well, pretty much for ever, boys are horny.” My male friend’s agree…

  5. duh you morone!!! – well Caity you thought wrong! the real age of being horny beggins in ages 10-15 until they die!!! they dont stay hrony forever you morone!!!

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