In the “Princess Diaries” when the main character is talking to her friend while walking up and down a bench, she falls which portrays her clumsey character. That wasn’t on purpose, though. It was raining and the bench was very slippery and she fell for real. If you watch that scene, it will make perfect sense consdering the way they were laughing and how the princess told her friend to keep talking. The director liked it, so he kept it.

2 thoughts on “Cover-Ups”

  1. WOW! – I would have never noticed that! how did you figure that out? I woulda been like, falling over laughing (I would have probably fell down the bleacher/benches!) fun!

  2. dumb! – thats so dumb! i mean its definatly true because it says it in the extra features in the dvd edition but whats so spectacluar about that?

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