18 thoughts on “Left on, man.”

  1. Never knew that… – …that’s weird because most of the lefties I know, myself included, are female.

  2. doubt it – im left handed, and im a woman. technically all i have to do is get 2 more left handed peeps. *runs over to 2 lefties houses* hmmmmm…. acording to the calculations of jessica (me) i have 1 guy here and two girls…..amazing

  3. well well well – Isn’t it also true that only 11% of the population is left-handed? So that would mean that .0733332% of the 11% are men! WOW! damn men, always taken what little we have! naw i’m just playin’! peace~

  4. oops – my calculater calcualted worng becuz .11 divided by 3 equals .0366666, and if you multiply .0366666 by 3 you’ll only get .1099998 sooo in fact my “supposedly” correct calculater is broken! Or it just rounded! well I just thought I’d make my corrections….

  5. Wow!!! – Nerds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe you people would actually waste your perfectly good time to come up with calculations. Nerds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If u want to know – Im a righty but a lefty on some things *wink wink* and if you guys dont get it you really are Nerds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  7. uhhh – im left handed- and i smart- did you know that most left hand people are smater than right handed people- einstein was left handed

  8. rite… – im left-handed, a female, and not that smart. actually i am sumtimes. but not all the time. with all the people that i think i no there are more female than male. i think ill go meet more left-handed males now. i’ll find them eventually……….

  9. so????? – u guys don’t have to kome up with kalculations and shoot, and besides who kares if 2/3 of all left-handed ppl are men, becuz I don’t

  10. Speaking of Einstein – Einstein had autism, as well as being left-handed, so you can’t just say that all left-handed men are as intelligent as Einstein was. I don’t know how sure we can be on how intelligent you are, someasiangirl, because, on reading your comment, it seems that you have no grasp what-so-ever of the English language. Also, left-handed people are supposedly better at mathematics and music, but that is not controlled by either your left or your right hands. That is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, and opposite hemispheres control opposite sides of the body (eg., your left hemisphere controls the right side of your body) and therefore you cannot claim that left-handers are more intelligent than right-handers.

  11. Awesome – Hey did you know, that left-handed guys are better at sex????? No not really, so it doesn’t mean left-handed are actually smart. (Ahem, the sex part, i made it up) So you guys, just ask the females in HArvard or YAle or whatever, you WILL be surprised, lol

  12. Me – That left-brain right-brain stuff is a bunch of crap. I’m left-handed and testing has shown that I’m predominantly left-brained.

  13. oh and – how can you be left brained is that even gramaticly corect?
    and its true about the lefthand right brain hemisphire
    maybe your just an exeption

  14. Hands have nothing to do with IQ. – I have an IQ of 192 and I’m right-handed. Enough said.

  15. Enough! – I do not think it makes much a difference whether you are right or left handed
    Left handed people are only raised to believe they are smarter to raise their self-confidence everything which is considered abnormal today in our society is rejected same goes for left handed people which are not a very flowing product
    I am right-handed and my IQ stands at 180
    I would really appreciate it if you people stopped flaming at eachother
    Thank you

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