Computer Nerds

Only one 1 out of 100 people have a computer

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  1. hanah – thats a bit of shoote since mr thingy microsoft dude makes a bout a million a minute. its more like 1 in 5 cept of course in the 3rd world counties

  2. i believe you – i believe it. do you ppl realize how many ppl there are in this world? america makes only a small amount compared to countries like china and india, who have a billion ppl. and they aren’t quite as up to speed like us.

  3. Idiots – Hannah, ur a dumbass. If Bill Gates made a million a minute then he would buy out the fraging world. Maybe $1000 a minute is still pushing it

  4. Bill Gates doesn’t even make computers.. – I’d expect it to be higher. A fairly large proportion of China is connected to the internet… One assumes they have computers…

  5. stupid idiots – i out of every 100 people have computers throughout the world not the united states and there are more than 6 billion people and many families have more than one compter

  6. I don’t think that’s right – There’s alot ppl who have komputers nowadays. I think the 100 should be lower or the 1 should be higher.

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