Ahpha-What? oh…..It’s Alphabet……..

The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.

12 thoughts on “Ahpha-What? oh…..It’s Alphabet……..”

  1. Moron – My gosh. Enciclopedia? ummm…didn’t we repeat a letter there? the letter i? gosh, dumb, stupid, moron.

  2. ummmm….HELLO! – cardshark, i think u need to spend a little less time playing cards and a little more time studying spelling, you not only repeat the letter c, but you also repeat the letter e. also triaminic YOU HAVE NOT RIGHT TO CALL CARDSHARK A MORON, because NEWSFLASH encyclopedia is not spelled eniclopedia, you idiot!!

  3. one more thing – original message:Ahpha-What? oh…..It’s Alphabet……..
    The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable……
    cardshark besides the fact that encyclopedia repeats letters, it also has 12 letters.. the subject of this post is of a 15! letter word…

  4. oops hehe – You guys missed what cardshark was talking about! they were not referring to the fact itself but what the person put as their source. They typed it “enciclopedia” or something like that and then said “i think that’s how to spell it.” Spaz much! People are so uptight. . .;-)

  5. ARE YOU BLIND???????? – Am I the ONLY person with a brain who read this, and saw that the word he was referring to was the word uncopyrightable. THAT word has 15 letters and does not repeat a letter. HIS SOURCE is what was spelled incorrectly, and you morons focused on that. Geez. Give the guy a break. You really have no room to talk, because your scores of reading and COMPREHENSION have to be terrible.

  6. *sigh* – why is everyone dissing cardshark for? it’s triaminic that’s causing all the hoopla and stuff…and if you browse somewhere on this website, i think you can find the longest word, obviously with repeats cause the word’s 40 sumthin letters long…unless you know some russian syrillic aplhabet or sth.

  7. your fault stupid – this was all stupid triaminic’s fault. he is the one who was stupid enough not to see the stupid word.

  8. ??? – isn’t triaminic some kind of medecine or something?? Oh yeah My mom used to give me that stuff when I was little! *yuck*

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