Did you know……..

Did you know that a goldfish has a memory spand of 5 seconds??? You wouldn’t wanna tell a goldfish anything to improtant!!

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  1. did u also know… – did u also know that in the "animal set" that u asid they have a memory span of 3 seconds?? amazing huh?
    sorce-common sense and being able to read
    (i think that UR the one with the 5 second memory span eh?)

  2. wrong – that information that you got is incorrect…….it’s been proven by scientists and animal trainers that a goldfish has a longer memory span than that. a top sealife trainer taught 3 ,and i repeat, 3 gold fish to swim through hoops…..and to do that the goldfish has to have a longer memory span than just 3 seconds……just thought you readers should know this

  3. o_0 myth 0_o – i saw this on myth busters they had like 4 or 5 goldfish swim though holes to find for like 3 days and then waited a couple of days and came back and did it and they had no trouble

  4. I agree – I agree with llamaboi07. It was on Mythbusters and these guys taught goldfish to swim through hoops by putting treats on the other side of them

  5. Spand? – The facts may be worthless, but try to spell them right. It’s ‘span,’ not ‘spand.’

  6. Another one. – I guess I blame myself for not catching this the first time, but you also put ‘imPROtant.’

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