Whenever people accidentally trip over themselves whilst walking, they automatically go into ‘survival mode’ and try to pretend like they meant it (eg. they start into a jog). How hilarious is it watching someone do that?!

12 thoughts on “Trippers”

  1. who does that?? – i mean, most people just laugh and say opps and go on with their day. others dont care, and yet still others ( like me) fall flat on their face laughing and sit there for several seconds laughing people will have to go around you. (trust me i know)

  2. stupid people – if you actually fall on your face you must be retarded or have really bad reflexes. i trip over myself all the time, i never actually fall, i just kinda lose my balance

  3. dont no – thats hilarious, just imagine some one tripping up and cracking there face on th floor. i dont know why i didn’t get accepted at marishma collage, because my IQ is 121… :( :( :(

  4. … – see…i fall and trip and run into things all the time…and i do mean ALL the time…but i dont laugh most of the time…it may have soemthing to doo witht he fact that im used to it and i just get on with my life

  5. you know whats really funny? – watching them really fat people try to jog. its like a giant jello mold.

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