Biblical Leniency

The Bible reads that it’s ok for a man to have feelings for another man, but he may not act upon those feelings. Look but don’t touch!

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  1. hmmm? – wut kinda feelings? a man may love another man, yes, but did it say that he could be physically attracted to him. (is that how u spell attracted?)

  2. what the…..? – Hey i want to know what stupid dickhead wrote the screwed up Bible u r reading because that individual is a liar. When the Bible speaks of love in that sense, it is speaking if friendsip or fellowship, NOT a physical or romantic attraction. God hates homos. ok, so i’m not politically correct. BITE ME!!!

  3. whoa nelly! – Okay janehoe, take it easy. and i’m sure God loves people who ridicule people and have no consideration for others’ feelings.

  4. What Bible are you reading!? – I have NEVER read that in the Bible! I don’t think such a Bible is in existence! God says homosexuality is a SIN!!! HE despises homosexuality as much as murder! What kind of screwed up, inaccurate Bible are you reading?!

  5. DANG!! – You ppl are so mean! I’m bi. Deal with it. And since I don’t believe in God, I won’t go to hell. PLUS it’s God’s fault that there are gay ppl since he created everything.

  6. just a note – i am not going for or against anything that has been said, just giving evidence. In Leviticus 20:13 it says “if a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads”.

  7. ummmmmmmmmmm……. NO – Hey CrimsonCut, ur a jackass. God gave us free will, and it is the fruitots own fault they chose to live that way, so dont blame God

  8. sure……… – no it says in the bible that a man should love another as his neighbor. but it also says that if you THINK something its jus as bad a sdoing it! and ADAM and EVE not ADAM and STEVE. thats why he created oppisite sex’s for a reason!

  9. I might have guessed. – The place with all the hatred being espoused is the Religion section.
    I read a book once, about this guy who so unutterably full of life and love in spirit, passion and intellect in action, that many came to regard him as the Messiah or “Anointed” one of the Jewish faith. He was the central figure in a number of belief systems which eventually became known very generally as Christianity. He is venerated as a prophet of Islam.
    Not a great deal is know about him, but it does seem that he spent a lot of time, towards the end of his life, riding rough-shod over social convention, breaking a great many common laws, and befriending people who were seen as the scummiest and lowest “sinners” in society.
    He did not, as far as I’m aware, spend much time banging on about what God “hates”, or what He will to do to punish transgressors.
    If this guy was doing today what he did back then, I imagine he wouldn’t spend a lot of time in Church. I would think he’d be playing Soccer with kids in a crime-ridden neighborhood, convincing them that guns and gangs are a waste of time. He’d be holding the hand of a gay guy dying of AIDS, not commenting on how he deserved it.
    No information is ever worthless, but it can be taken out of context or used in the wrong ways.

  10. herectic – That was very well put and I want to say to all those poeple against gay poeple that you are really mean and that you act freakin’ idiotic.Don’t call me an idiot or any other bad name you know because I don’t freakin’ care.You are a jerk!

  11. Hey wingmaster… – Gay ppl dont choose to be gay. SOmetimes u have to use ur brain and think, would anyone CHOOSE to be gay? I’d never choose this lifestyle but I deal with it and so should u.

  12. it’s a sin… – It’s a sin to be gay for all u ppl who don’t know that. God kreated Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. God didn’t intend for homosexuality to be bought up on this world. It says it all in the book of Genisis, and Moxie don’t blame God for putting gay ppl on the earth, so since u don’t believe in God u have to blame God for putting gay ppl on the earth. ppl decide rather they wanna be homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual. God kreated ppl and everything else until ppl in the world started sinning, (and being gay is a BIG sin). God didn’t make that choice for them, they’re the one who made that choice. So, u need to get ur fact straight, and don’t be blaming shoot on God for something he didn’t do.

  13. Just an athiest afterthought… – I’m an athiest, and I dont care… but my uncle is gay… and he’s a really good person… no… i dont think its the PERSON”S fault for being homosexual!! Can one help their own attraction??? No! They can’t! its not like you can force someone to be attracted to the opposite sex. i agree with heretic and pity you fools who are so blinded by your own prejeduces that you cannot see the person underneath. Personally, it sickens me…

  14. THANK YOU – Trivia Queen, you’ve just said everything that I was thinking reading Santana’s post. I think gay people are ok. I think it’s a little odd, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like them, they’re just different.

  15. frag santa – My god! PPL (ppl being santa) are so closed minded, never thinking its God’s fault! he put us on the planet and he MADE us have feelings…so if you FEEL for a man isn’t it God’s fault? Yes God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, that’s because he wanted to reproduce…now everyone thinx Adam and Eve are where did black people come from? I guess its a sin to black now too…

  16. You’re Welcome! – ur welcome deadbob. glad 2 know sum1 agrees… but dont dis christianity just cuz ur an athiest. they have a luxury, don’t they? They have the comfort of God, so don’t try to ruin it.

  17. Deadbob and Trivia Queen… – The both of u are both fragin stupid, if God don’t exist how the hell u got on the the hell did all this other shoot got on the earth?..becuz he kreated everything, and of kourse stupid-ass ppl like u guys ain’t gonna believe me, becuz of the both of u are both fragin athiest…since u guys don’t believe in God, why don’t the both of u worship the god-damn devil in that kase, and Mrs. Fooker race ain’t got nothing to do with it, and FRAGile U TO U DUMB BITCH, and DEADBOB shut the frag up God do exist, u don’t know shoot, and u shut the frag up to TRIVIAQUEEN. Why don’t the both of u go and worship the fragin devil, and DEADBOB if u don’t believe that God does not exist read Genesis chapter one, and read all the shoot he’s kreated…and of kourse u still won’t belive it becuz ur a motha fragin athiest, and the same thing goes with TRIVIAQUEEN, and TRIVIAQUEEN most definitely frag u, becuz u been buggin the living hell out of me on all these fragin komments..find someone else to bother and if u don’t want to go…shut the frag up and go stick a dick in ur mouth u stupid, retarded-ass bitch!!!


  19. Serously, – Santana, you’re like a second PANZER. Racist, stupid, and completely illiterate. We know that Humans and all other life on earth were created by evolution, starting from a single cell. As to what created the Big Bang, which created everything that we see and do not see, I have no idea, but I highly doubt that it was created by one man who controlled everything, knew everything, and created everything. It doesn’t matter anymore, debating this is useless. Religion is based on faith, and once you make the leap of faith, once you truly belive in something so strongly, it’s hard to go back. We the athiests insist that religion is a hoax and everything can be explained logicaly, you the Cristians, Catholics, ect. insist in something to belive, something to explain the unexplained. The more we argue the more we’ll belive in our faiths and the harder it’ll be to persuade eachother next time. So it’s pointless to be arguing about it anymore. P.S. Yes I did read Genisis, in fact when I was a child my father made me memorize the entire Bible, and that was when I turned athiest.

  20. Once again…Deadbob and TriviaQueen *flips both of u dumbasses off* – TriviaQueen, number one, ur dumbass motha fraga needs to get ur fragin fakt straight..I never said I was a god-damn racist, and I ain’t a god-damn racist, so don’t put words in my mouth, u dumb bitch, and that goes for u to Deadbob, and ur saying that I’m illiterate and shoot..u need to know how to read what I’m saying here, becuz I never said that I’m a racist-ass person, so ur dumbass needs to quit putting words in my mouth, all I said was this damn topik ain’t got nothing to do with race becuz another person kommented about race, but that’s besides the point….and TRIVIAQUEEN u seem kinda angry and u know what?…..I DON’T GIVE A SHOOT HOW FRAGileIN PISSED UR ASS IS..I’m just invoicing my opinion and if u don’t like u kan kut off ur dick and stick in ur ass, and besides ur the MOTHA FRAGileIN, DICK SUCKIN, KUM SWALLOWIN BITCH, U DUMB-ASS BASTARD, and DEADBOB trust me I ain’t like Panzar (whoever the frag he is) I think ur dumb motha fragin ass is probably racist, and last but not least ur the one who’s STUPID, and most likely if I was u, I wouldn’t say shoot, becuz u don’t know shoot..and quit putting words, which I never said in my I think u need to REREAD what I wrote, becuz ur saying things what u think… not what u know. So, don’t try to fragin judge me u fragin don’t work that way with me DEADBOB when ur damn father made u memorize the whole Bible (if u really did), give me one good reason why ur dumbass turned athiest?? I bet u ain’t got a good reason becuz ur stupid as hell…when I read ur komment I just started laughing becuz that was the most stupidest, shootty-ass komment I have ever read in this section (especially at the end).

  21. and one more thing…this goes out to TRIVIAQUEEN – TRIVIAQUEEN, If I’m racist against atheist, how kome ik someone who’s athiest?..ur ass kan believe or not..I really dc what u say or think, and this person ik is kool as hell. So, before u start saying shoot that I”m racist against athiests, I think u need to get ur fragin fakt straight to. Don’t say shoot what u don’t know. So, u and ur buddy DON’T KNOW SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ok. im going 2 stay as calm as possible – I am not racist, nor will i ever be. i apologize for accusing you of being racist, but it seems 2 me that you have something against homosexuals. and the one and only reason i have anything against you is because you offend people and put them down so much. somehow you always manage 2 piss someone off. once again, i apologize, and would appreciate it if u stopped calling me a dumb bitch cuz i have an iq of 170, believe it or not.

  23. and Deadbob… – definitely all athiests think the big bang was the way it happened. i know i dont. just doesnt seem right.

  24. Sigh… – 1) PANZER was an ass from about a year ago who would post on almost every board calling someone a stupid ass bitch. (or similar) He was also very racist to jewish people, gays, and just about anyone not christian. As far as I can see you are VERY similar to him. 2) I called you illiterate because YOU CAN’T SPELL SHOOT!! You even spell cool with a K. 3) The reason I turned athiest was because after memorizing the entire Bible, I learned that it was full of crap! None of those stories are real, they’re fables, simply stories told to set boundries. The Bible was solely created as a book of laws, and what people saw as the right way to act, and that if you followed these laws, that you would be protected. None of them are true, nor should they have any affect on your life.

  25. Oh…God-damn u DEADBOB ur so fragin stupid. – Let me say one thing…just becuz I kall u a stupid-ass bitch doesn’t mean I’m a fragin racist, and frag PANZAR if he’s like that, and I ain’t like that if ur ass wanna believe it or not…I like everyone no matter what race, nationality, sex or whatever, but that’s besides the point..let me just get ur fakt straight..I think ur the stupid,and an illiterate person, becuz I spell the way I want to when I’m on the damn internet saying shoot to ppl..I don’t spell every damn word out, and certain words I spell the way I want…So, before u think u know every damn thing about me, u just need to get ur fragin fakt straight..just like I said earlier don’t think what u don’t know. HOW STUPID ARE U?..AND ON UR THIRD KOMMENT…JUST DON’T SAY NO MORE, BECUZ THE MORE U TALK THE MORE U STUPIDER U SOUND!!!

  26. Listen – Hey, sorry to interupt your little argument and i dont mean to sound preachy at all but c’mon, you ppl prob. dont even know eachother- is it really that hard to say ‘okay, you have your opinions and i have mine’ with out cursing? you people are acting like animals! This is what wars are made of. People just taking differences way to far!

  27. well, i tried -.-; – I tried to apologize. he doesnt have to accept an apology if he doesnt want. in real life i never really get angry. i just dont like ppl dissing other ppls opinions. thats all.

  28. I APOLOGIZE DEADBOB AND TRIVIAQUEEN…. – TRIVIAQUEEN, ur right, everyone has their own opinions about different issues, and to admit it was stupid of me to insult the both of u becuz of what u both believe. I mean I guess everything went out of hand…and I”m sry TRIVIAQUEEN if I didn’t apologize to u earlier, I guess after reading HUMMER’S post it kinda made me think about how I was to u and DEADBOB (and I”m apologizing to u also DEADBOB) if the both of u don’t wanna except my apology u really don’t have to, but I’m really am sry for the rude komments I’ve made to the both of u…I mean everyone has their own beliefs and differences…and TRIVIAQUEEN I”m sry for dissing ur opinions as well as urs DEADBOB…so I just wanted to apologize to the both of u…well, I really dk what else to say, but I”m sry.

  29. this site – this is what i love about this site, everyone getting along, no foul language, everyone excepting each other…lol

  30. back to the biblical leniency… – i am jewish and have never read the jewish-version of the bible (torah) because it is in another language, but i have been taught that god loves everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you are bi or not. in the jewish religon, justice is one of the most valued things in a person, sometimes even higher than love, only because love is a feeling, and you cannot force someone to have a certain feeling. but justice is something that can make you a better person. justice is treating people fairly, and if god wants us to treat other people of all diversities fairly, then why wouldn’t he himself?

  31. Happily ever after – who knew that a worthless fact page could bring people together like this lol.

  32. uh – God doesnt hate gay people, he hates their choice of lifestyle. I hate gays, as does most of society who is straight

  33. Better Hope You Are Right – I am not going to get involved in the whole gay controversy, that is between them and God. God does love everyone, so much he sent his only Son to die for all of us crappy people, ALL OF US. I am just going to say to the Atheists that I would much rather be wrong in believing there is a God. Rather than believe that there is not a God and then die and stand before Him saying, “Oops, they were right.”

  34. Truth – You people are acting exactly God would have want us. Our feelings and stubborness gets in the way, but then we think about it and we accept people how they really are. Noone should really hate one another. it’s love that God himself brought a son to the world so Jesus Christ would forgive human sins. And the commandments are guides, we follow because we believe. Jesus was not perfect either, he did have manly desires and acted so strong against them. This is all i’m saying. And Santana, before you rack up somebody’s opinion, try to be in their shoes and think what they were brought up to believe. Don’t judge to harshly guys, there’s enough hate and cruelity in the world without other people encouraging it. Love.

  35. like you would know – Dude, all you people saying that that’s not in the Bible, I’d be willing to bet that none of you (maybe like one) have read the Bible cover to cover. Because it does say that. And whatever the Bible says is what Christianity is, so whoever said that the Bible was lying and that wasn’t Christianity, be logical. Instead of the Bible being wrong, couldn’t it be that you are just misinformed?

  36. to deadbob (btw) – OK, I don’t agree with everything Santana said in that one comment, but you’re like a pot calling the kettle black. Calling him illiterate, and you misspelled eight words in ONE paragraph. Sorry, but that’s pathetic. Plus the fact that you made the stupidest comment I have ever heard. Perhaps you have never seen a Bible, but in case you didn’t notice, it’s one big book, with thin pages, and tiny print. No child, especially one as stupid as you must have been, could memorize that. Also, do you have any idea how many thousands of years it would take for the right cells to come together to form even one working eye? And yet you believe that the whole universe was created by chance. Evolution, logical? Ahh, that makes me laugh. Oh yeah, and by the way. When a 13-year old (that’d be me) is more intelligent than some over-opinionated, self-proclaimed expert on everything, which usually means you know nothing (that’d be you), you need to seriously consider going back to school…or becoming a hobo. Ah, but why am I yelling at you now? Enjoy your short life while you can. Soon you’ll be tortured and burned for eternity in the flames of Hell.

  37. think again – remember that the bible was writen by people and people make many mistakes
    even in writeing
    it doesnt matter what the bible rely says ‘there more like guidelines than actual ruels anyway’ so if god loves every creature that he created than how could he hate homos?it realy doesnt matter that much(exept if youre god)
    and what about hermafrodits(people that have both femal and male reproducteve organes)doesnt god love them
    how are they suposed to find love snd stuff?

  38. al his fault – deadbob:u hav no proof that life was created by a single cell or the big bang shoot,n also its ur dads fault that u dont beleiv in g-d any more because he made you think that being religeous is a chore.i think he shud apologize to u n also i think u were bein a bit dunb 2 becom athiest cuz ur dad made u memorize the bible, i meen just cuz he made u do somthin umdidnt wana that hada do w/ religeon dosnt meen u havta giv up on it. my parents make me do extra things 4 skool but do i giv up on skool? no. n also u said that we believ that earth was created by a man. we dont. thats the point, G-D ISNT HUMAN!!!!n also relideon isnt based on faith only there is proof in the bible/torah,n if u dont believ in the bible/torah then ther is no piont in even explainin the proof.n uALLSUK: u dont hate gay ppl ur just afraid of them. U HOMOPHOBE!!!!!n im afrain that shinynjewish is realy makin me laf at how much sens shinynjewish is makin over u guys hu r probly adultslol:)

  39. dumb – ricepudin:if u realy wanted 2 read the torah u cuda. thre ar like 20 bilion difrent companies that translate the torah word 4 word

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