Biblical Leniency

The Bible reads that it’s ok for a man to have feelings for another man, but he may not act upon those feelings. Look but don’t touch!

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  1. santana – ok look santana or whoever you r, i dnt think you bleev in god that much bcoz if you did and u had read the bible you would understand that you treat peopl as u wood like to be treated urself ryt? so i dnt think callin trivia queen or anyone a else bitchy names and tellin them to frag off or wotever is reli backin up your point that god is real fair play i accept your view, i bleev in god sure, but just becoz someone is athiest doesnt mean you have the right to critisize and judge and also you say god-damn hell and all that do you think god would b happy with word usage?

  2. Disappointed.. – This website should just be named worthless, because there’s very few topics remotely factual.

  3. Dead Sea Scrolls – I dont mean to insult anyone, especially our red neck bible thumpers (A.K.A dani_o16 and janedoe22). But just because it was in the bible doesnt mean its right. The bible wasnt actually written until a couple hundred years after Christs death. And have you ever heard of the Dead Sea scrolls? They contain nearly all of the uncut Old Testament. So the bible is really a censored version put out for the masses. The writings found in the Dead Sea scrolls are actual documents from around the time of Jesus that show him as more of a mere mortal than a holy profit. In general religion has gone too far, what right does religion have to dictate how one should live their life?
    Oh yea, and to the A.K.As mentioned above, are you so insecure in your own sexuality that you must try to belittle things that you (possibly) do not understand and, or is it more of a power/ego trip for you. Putting down some to make yourselves feel better about the way your lives have turned out?

  4. Spelling – Jewishfred please learn how to spell properly. Im sure your making some kind of valid point but if no one can read it whats the point?

  5. Hypothalamus – I know this is my third comment in a row but I thought it was an interesting point to bring in. In comment to wingmaster19 message earlier about choosing that life style for themselves (of course not put so eloquently). In recent studies it has been shown that homosexuality may actually be a biological factor. You see, in tests the hypothalamus in homosexuals is actually smaller than average. So before you start saying how gay people choose this life style for themselves, maybe you should take your head out of your ass long enough to get a better perspective of things and maybe do a little research. And Santana201J, do yourself a favour and shut-up.

  6. uh…just asking here… – could you people please stop saying “g*d-damn” that means “go to hell god”, ok…please? anyway see ya!

  7. soz if i hurt anyone – to say first off i am not a christian, and please dont tell me off for that i can pick any religion i want. second, since ur father made you memorise the bible and thats why you became christian, good for you. first i have never read the bible but i hope swearing is not a sin lol or else basically all of you peps willl probably go…. you know. anyways i was wondering, if god is so perfect and almighty, then why does he punish people for making a mistake? he is supposed to let people do what they want although if they dont belive in him they will burn! what is that all about. And i think this whole world and stuff was probly created by gods or a small molecule or somthing, please think about my question before you start swearing at me like i was just arrested for murder or somthing. and i think that being homosexual was not meant but is all right to do thank you for reading my thing and i hope that i didnt insult you i tried to be nice. AND PLEASE EVERYONE STOP SWEARING!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bigots – DAMN!!!! janedoe22, I used to think you were pretty cool, but that last comment made me HATE you. “God hates homos.” Wow, you are one of the most retarded people I know. I hate all you fraging uber-conservative evangelical christians. You’re such FRAGileING hyppocrites! The bible says that god loves ALL his children. This is obviously excluding anyone who’s a different religion, dispite the fact that their worshipping the SAME FRAGileING GOD, and anyone who has a natural genetic imbalance that makes them gay. This also excludes blacks too, right morons?! And of course, I’ve masturbated, so now I’m evil and going straight to hell for all eternity, RIGHT?! Goddamn, you people are such hyppocrites. It makes me SO mad seeing you homophobes act like morons. Do you also hate blacks and communists? GAYS ARE PEOPLE TOO! But of course they’re unholy. Let’s round them up and put them in concentration camps. FRAGile! I’m sorry for all the profanity, but I abcolutely HATE all the fraging bigots out there, such as janedoe22.

  9. im me with an argument – go ahead argue with me if you want (bbob201 on aim) God created man and woman not for reproduction but because man needed a helper (Genesis 2) and yes the Bible also states that homosexuality would happen but does in NO way condone it (2 Tim 3) and yes if you’re going to ask i do believe we are in the last days as according to the first verses. As an atheist if you still want to argue the point that you dont believe in God or a god, than go ahead and look outside and tell me what you think made everything (Psalm 19:1) now I am going to leave and IM me with your opinion

  10. frag dick ass – umm holy shoot guys fraging guys in the ass is my thinking of gay but guys frag girls in the hole so wouldnt that make guys bi?who fraging gives ~^~ sincerly~^~ fuk you dickfrags~^~

  11. still no answer – noone has yet answered where the verses came from,
    and no screwing a women’s butt doesnt make someone bi and
    deadbob, if God doesnt exist stop arguing his exisence at least you have your facts straight.
    Yes alex Jesus was perfect. Gayness is a choice. And no chistians don’t hate gay people. Yes we despise their choice of who to love but we in noway hate them (Im speaking for the generality of most christians)
    to Janedoe22 I loved the comment except God doesnt hate homos he hates their sins.
    to The heretic what did you just say because it made hardly any sense, for one thing yes Jesus did break all the Jewish laws because He had come to change the laws, Yes Jesus spent time with sinners because He wanted them saved (Zachius) yes Jeus would be holding the queers hand but in love for his soul and where He wants it to end up after he dies.
    back to deadbob, according to the comment you posted on August 13 tell me where in the Bible that there is any contradiction, and while yer at it, tell me how you “learned the Bible is full of crap”

  12. Thisis the most rediculous Nationwide argument since slavery – Firstly, I’m not gamingguy, I’m actually his brother typing.
    To find a group of people to hate seems to be the favorite pasttime of America for centuries, and it is the job of the Christians to find reasons that the hate is righteous. I know this is incredibly sacreligious, but that is what it seems to me. Don’t forget that in the nineteenth century, it was the christians that decided that God cursed Ham, and therefore African-Americans were somehow not the same as an other race of people. This is not in the slightest implying that anyone who posted on this topic is at all racist (although some could be, I don’t know), but it is giving another example of misusing the bible for unholy means. Now it has become obvious how absurd this original assumption was.
    I have read the entire chapter 20, hidden away in the old testament in the third book of Moses, whithin which is section 13 stating that “When a man lies with MANKIND the way he would lie with a woman, then he …”. It goes on to explain how he is unholy etc. The rest of the chapter gives many examples of incense and how they are sins. However, Mankind has been a term so general, that it has been consistantly misused for sexist and other purposes. Keep in mind that your bible has been translated from Latin, and that Mankind has been chosen rather than man, indicating that it is not simply a statement invoving homosexuality.

  13. ~Continuation of last post – In the chapter directly before the one involving Homosexuality, a chapter placed in a spot of HIGHER importance, the following sins were stated. Marking your body, which seems to include tattoos and the like , is a sin. When food is planted, ritual lengths of time are given to when that food should be eaten. Owners of vineyards should not pick every grape, but should leave some for paupers. My point is that the interpretation of the bible changes. Note that now people eat meat on fridays. There are those of us who don’t go to church every Sabath, and that violates one of the Ten Commandments! There are quotes stating that shrimp should not be eaten, and much else besides. You can’t condemn everyone in the world, there has to be a limit.
    So then how do Christians choose which parts to go by. Extreme literalist ultra-conservative Christians occasionally attempt to do EVERYTHING that the bible says, but this is essentially impossible. Mostly, we look to the general tenements of faith and christianity. We choose a particular kind of Christianity, and believe in their interpretation. We look to higher figures, such as the pope. We pray to God.
    When I look at what forms the tenements of Christianity in its most basic form, I think of freedom, justice, equality, and most of all love. Christ condensed the hundreds of pages of scriptures on Christianity (or more like jewdeism) into two basic principles: (1) love EVERYONE (even enemies and people with different beliefs) as you would love yourself; and love God most of all. If you believe that God willed the correct scriptures to be put togethor as the word of the Lord, and that every word is litterally meant, I won’t argue with you, because your faith is set, and I can’t prove you wrong. But those of you who consider yourselves Catholic, or Protestant, or whatever you choose, I encourage you to look at what that group really believes in, and why they believe it before you condemn 10% of the population to eternal doom. An example may startle you: the pope says that Adam and Eve was a fable written (indirectly) by God to make the point that he should not be disobeyed, and that for that reason, evolution is entirely compatible with the Roman Catholic faith. He may even believe in it himself.
    And finally, something to think about. If God truly meant everything he said in the bible, why did he word it in a way that paradoxically contradicts itself so many times? Perhaps he didn’t and in fact it was the error of human reproduction of the material that caused this confusion. Or maybe not everything in the bible still implies after Jesus came to end such confusion and set down the real laws of God.

  14. The right way of doing things – Notice that I didn’t yell at anyone, or curse anyone. No one will listen to or understand what you said. Now I’m going to leave and read the bible to make sure I don’t accidentally wait three weeks instead of four before eating a particular fruit out of the seventh tree in my apple grove which is now exactly 49 years old, and make sure that I spit out the right number of seeds to complete the ritual layed out in The book of Bogus, 84,356:93.

  15. woah… – Way to go, bro! You totally pwned them! And he’s absolutely right. I watched him get our bible and read it. He’s now part of this site, as Eebster the Great.

  16. Homosexual behavior – Gays got no fault in it. This behaviour starts before the gays are born. Just like DNA compositions that makes people different and unique. Do you see the people that are born having no legs or having lower IQ or impotency since birth. These things are not sins. This are done by God for a purpose. D o you know that the population is heavily increasing? You might consider this as one purpose for why there are gays existing. To slow down populatin growth. One more example of purpose is that they can be those who understand girls better and can provide as a friend and companion on troubling times. I would refer to homosexual behaviour as being “greatly sensitive to others both emotionally and psychologically”. Thank you for reading.

  17. Absolutely right! – If God is kind, loving, and forgiving, then why does he make people gay and then declare it a sin? They have as much control over that as straight people have over liking the opposite sex. It’s not like they choose.

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