Precious Aussie Life

In Australia, there is no death penalty.

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  1. Canada too – Canada dosen’t have the death penalty either, some countries just don’t beleive in killing people because of something they did, and think about it, life imprisonment is worse anyway, would you rather be locked away in this tiny cell or die? death is much easier but you suffer longer in prison, but thats only my opinion.

  2. in fact.. – The US is the only western country that has not outlawd the death penalty. The US executes as many epople per year as they do in Iran! Not good company!

  3. Again! – Jprg we have 300 million freaking people for christsakes. You Jews do a good job at killing too. By the way when we kill someone, guess what? They don’t do that crime again.

  4. 2 wrongs don’t make a right – Just a comment, the death penlty is not working; because our crime rates are just as high (higher?) as places that son’t have it.

  5. Anger-Making Subject – Hey, Panzer, what the hell do you mean ‘you Jews’. You never heard of the nazis? And, guess what? The wrongly convicted don’t do that crime in the first place. And they never will. What kind of justice is that? I’m thinking ‘1984’ here.

  6. Oh, and incidentally… – Britain has no death penalty, but I feel a hell of a lot safer here than in the US of Aggression.

  7. means somethin – i took germon a year ago, and panzer means somethin like tank, some warlike symbol, but i cant remember wut, so u were right, or at least half right, retroegg

  8. i was right! – mostly….in german panzer means tank, check google. (type in traslation. you do the rest)

  9. Er… – It would die. What the Hell do you think would happen? The frog would jump up and start dancing to “Copa Cabana?”

  10. my opinion…… – If there ain’t no death penalty the judge should be hard on their ass for the krime the person kommitted. They should serve the right amount of time due to what specific krime they kommited. Let their asses suffer in the jail cell. I really don’t kare about the death penalty anyways, just lock their asses up FOR GOOD

  11. Idiots! – i live in australia, and i feel much safer here with no death penalty, than i would in the fragen US. also PANZAR, how the hell would you know if some one is jewish, and if they are who gives a flying frag dude? its a religion and everyone is ebtitled to one. you fragen racist scum

  12. Precious Aussie Life – I am glad to live in Australia, and as one of the above posters said, the minimum sentence for murder is 25 years, some get life.

  13. Im aussie – Im an aussie. Im glad we dont have the death penalty. I dont think any crime (including murder) deserves death. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Also Australia has a declning population. Is that even relevant? lol. Alot of western couontries have outlawed the death penalty. Any whoever said that treason is liable for the death penalty was wrong. Thats not true. there is no crime commited in australia that is given death.

  14. there should be more countries like that – i agree with k8kate. nothing is worth killing someone, even if they killed somebody else. oh and panzer, you can go home and fraging cook yourself. racism sucks, and i’ve experienced myself it in this thing called “reality”. ever been there? and why do sum people say USA is the worst country ever? im from canada and we dont have a death penalty either, & i know US has some, but only for serious crimes. there’s nothing wrong with americans. its just the retarded president, Bush.

  15. kinda off topic – the only crime you can still be hanged(yes…that is correct) for in American, is treason(i dont know if mutiny counts)

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