Wow…No wonder they’re so dumb

Goldfish have a memory span of 3 seconds!!!

17 thoughts on “Wow…No wonder they’re so dumb”

  1. I hate this so called ‘fact’… – How the hell do you know? How do you test the memory of a goldfish?!

  2. Sorry to shatter all your perfect worlds – It has recently been discovered that some goldfish have memories that last upto nearly 3 months, much larger than the previously thought 3/5/30 seconds!! They test this by putting the food in certain shaped containers, after a while, the fish learned which one to go to, why? They remembered. Other tests were taken, they all had similar results, the memory is longer than we all thought then, isn’t it?

  3. What about Dory!! – now, we can’t go forgetting about Dory!! the most forgettable fish of them all!! And she could remember P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney now couldnt she!! leave the fish alone, pick on the elephants for a change

  4. people these days – what the frag is with the movie “Finding Nemo”!! its just a god damn movie (with talking fish at that)!

  5. Duh – Uhmm KiRsT, Dory wasn’t a goldfish. In fact, there weren’t ANY goldfish in that movie. Ha!

  6. really? well how do u explain this? – my goldfish recognises my sign that i make just before i feed him…er…her…i dunno

  7. memories… – It has been proven many times that goldfish have memories a lot longer then 3/5/30 seconds. In some cases it has been proven to be up to 6 months so for all you people that said or think that goldfish are dumb I think you might wanna think again. And why pick on elephants? They are supposed to be one of the smartest animals.

  8. fishy actually half smart – it’s been proven that goldfish actually have some sort of a memory, have you ever gone to your fish tank and had the fish go crazy, it’s because they think whenever a human comes theres food, so they are capable of some ememory but are in fact extremely stupid

  9. know the facts – It is often said that goldfish have a memory of only a few seconds, but this is not entirely true. Goldfish have what could be called a selective memory, that is to say they have some kind of concience of what has happened on previous occasions, but are not sure what it was. They can be trained to do simple tasks such as eat from a certain ring inside their bowl, This is because they instinctively know that something good is in that area, they are just not sure what. If a predatory animal such as a heron is around, they will hide away through instinct for quite a while, but they do not know what it is they are hiding from, they simply know it is worth avoiding.

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