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Diet Soda kills brain cells because they use so many chemicals to make it “diet”…

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  1. Its not to make it diet… – The reason there are all those chemicals in it is to make it sweet once the sugar has been removed, not to actually make it diet. You know it only has 2 calories…same as a tic-tac

  2. Phenylketonerics – Also in some Chewing gums

    It does cause damage to the cells that reside in our brains, but do not fear the soda, milk contains more phenylalanine, a phenylketonuric, per litre than diet soda does. So don’t overload on your milk…

  3. i love coke… – I drink so much diet coke a day that if this where true i’d be nothing but a slobbering vetgetable by now…. *wipes chin*

  4. really? – kool. i didn’t know it was *true*. so the Simpsons DO teach you something!!! (Homer: Oh, Lisa, you and your stories. “Bart is a vampire.” “Beer kills brain cells.” Now let’s go back to that…building…thingy, where our beds and TV…is.)

  5. Uh… – Actually the only thing changed in most diet sodas is they add aspartame instead of sugar/corn syrup. Aspartame is still hella bad for you, it is what has the phenylalanine or whatever, the warnings are mostly there for people with a certain disorder where they can’t consume anything containing phenylalanine.

  6. what the hell? – y do people try 2 use big words 2 make them seem smart? what the hell is phenylalanine?

  7. I don’t think so… – It might be true, but if it is, it’s not sirious. If it was sirious, then it would be taken off the market. I think it might be the caffine your thinking of. It can stunt your growth if your still growing, and it may destroy brain cells. My brother is a type 1 diabetic, so we both drink diet soda a lot, and I haven’t brained my damage. ;)

  8. ingredients – i read the ingredients of regular soda and diet soda. i don’t drink soda anymore.

  9. that’s bullshoot – Diet Coke kan’t kill brain cells, it’s not like it’s god-damn drug or something, it’s just nasty-ass shoot.

  10. nope.. – Tic-Tac’s only have 1 1/2 calories.. I think people believe anything kills brain cells…PEOPLE USE YOUR DAMN BRAIN CELLS!!!! JESUS!!! Don’t believe everything you read!…Some of you peoples is pretty cool… funny people rock…

  11. nope thats not right – diet soda kills brain cells because it has a sugar sub called aspertane which is what kills brain cells…go back to science honey!!

  12. not true – diet stuff really contains dis really bad junk dat doesnt kill brain cells but i tink it shortens ur life span or somthin but they dont tell u bout it. its so bad pepsi is tinkin bout takin it out now. bot i now hew two splel prefctly
    adn i ued to dirnk it. sea it deosnttt klil bran sells

  13. dude! – any type of soda is bad for you! drink juice!!!
    FYI sneezing also kills brian cells… you loose brian cells all the time, and EVERYTHING causes cancer now! i’m telling ya people, live while you can!!!

  14. Wow – OK, it turns out not only half my class, but half the semi-retarded online community believes diet soda kills brain cells. Wow. First of all, the ONLY difference between diet soda and regular soda is the sugar. Regular has sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup, diet has Aspartame (Nutrasweet), saccarine (it’s what’s in Tab), or now sometimes Splenda. The whole damn debate started when some scientist with an obvious agenda claimed his reasearch showed that Saccarine (the sweetest substance ever created, many times sweeter than sugar) caused cancer in his lab rats. Scientists became confused when they couldn’t find the same results in their own expiraments until they realised the researcher had been feedin the rats SEVERAL TIMES THERE BODY WEIGHT in saccarine – it would be like you or I eating a bathtubful (keep in mind, saccarine is much sweeter than sugar, so a BATHTUBFULL of saccarine is unimaginably sweet and impossible for any human to eat). Not only this, but the other scientists couldn’t find the same results in their rats, and no studies have ever linked saccarine to cancer in HUMANS. Thus, saccarine has been put back on the market, and Tab is coming back with it. Now, It is worth noting that saccarine isn’t even in diet soda (except Tab). ASPARTAME is in diet soda, and aspartame hasn’t been linked to any any complications whatsoever. Believe me, the high-fructose corn syrup is much worse for you than aspartame ever could be. – – – – – Just a couple of afterthoughts: Phenylalanine isn’t particularly bad for anybody except phenylketonurics. Like an allergy, phenylketonuria makes you unable to consume any phenylalanine (in this case, it will cause ketones, or blocks of protein in the blood). Notice that food also has allergen warnings if it contains any. Also, Diet soda has 0 calories, not 2, not 1 1/2. Pepsi One has, you guessed it, 1, and diet pepsi/coke/sprite/everything else has 0. Look at a can some day. One last note, the worst part of soda is the sugar, followed by the caffeine. But even diet caffeine free soda still has citric/ascorbic acid, which is still bad for you, and coloring, which can sometimes cause bad reactions in some children.

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