Pick me Up

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.

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  1. Pick me Up – I volunteer to become a guinea pig for this test. I am 2 hours into my nightshift and I have some pressed apple and mango juice with me. Lets see how it compares to the usual filtered coffee I would normally bring in.

    Watch this space!

  2. :O – i still prefer them energy drinks over apples. and arent there apples in some of those energy drinks?

  3. .. – the reason aplles wake you up is because they are made up of all natural sugars…like caffine it causes you to crash and burn after a while..it pretty much causes an energy high then quickly goes away..if you eat protein and other healthy foods that will make you stay awake longer and give you more energy

  4. i knew that. – that’s true. once i ate an apple before i went to sleep and i practically stayed up all night, eyes wide open…

  5. true – i agree to that! i eat apple in the morning if i woke up and still fell very sleepy… and it’s effective!

  6. Dunno – I’ve tried eating apples in the morning but I can hardly ever bear to eat before 11am or so. But coffee doesn’t wake me up, or keep me awake. Only nervousness or too much thinking does that, and I rarely think a lot.

  7. ? – Kaffeine is effektive in the morning, but it’s not good for. But idk if apples wake u up in the morning…someone prove a point.

  8. Empirical data – It must not be true. Lula tried (see first post) it and we haven’t heard from her in over a year.

  9. Seed For Thought – This is a dang lie, folks! I “seed” thru it from the very start. I recommend a fresh coarse grind of Mocha Java run through a Bunn. Your morning will be memorable for the frenetic pace you are able to acheive and maintain. (You might start savin’ up for a quality biteguard, tho. See your friendly dentist for details)

  10. APPLES IS TELLING THE TRUTH – UR MENTAL THINKING ALWAYS AFFECTS UR BODY! thats why there are imposiible things that has been done by many persons! if you do believed on what youre thinking of!

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