I Guess

35% of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married

5 thoughts on “I Guess”

  1. ???? – This is BS! You really think 1/3 of every ads is by someone looking to cheat on their spouse?

  2. Yes it is true! – Why do jewish women love circumsized men? Because they are already getting 20% off. Yes Playboy and some other magazines have all stated this! Jew

  3. Jews are not bad – Watz u peoples problems with jewss and gays this whole site is full of things that go against it

  4. PANZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – PANZER your a fathead you hate Jewish people so you don’t have to freakin’ be a racist to jprg.You prabally are one of those people who cheat on there loved one.If the fact is true.

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