I dare you to Try This One

The liquid inside coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma

7 thoughts on “I dare you to Try This One”

  1. Uh…. no. – The only thing you can substitute for human blood is…. yep, human blood. Although the military has been working on a synthetic substitute for red blood cells for decades, but cannot make them work, and cannot figure out why.

  2. Maybe – I’m no expert, but it seems like coconut milk is about the right consistancy to replace a very, very small amount of blood plasma, no more. Like your blood, coconut milk is mostly water, but with far too much sugar. High blood sugars are very bad for you in the long run, and will make you sick after a few hours. It is true that your pancreas creates a hormone known as insulin to transfer sugar from plasma to other cells, but it can’t create it fast enough for coconut milk. Even so, if enough plasma is left to seriously dilute the coconut milk, there probably isn’t much of a problem. And in a life-threatening situation, getting sick isn’t the worst thing to happen. Finally, NO, URINE CANNOT REPLACE BLOOD PLASMA! Urine is extremely salty, as well as extremely acidic. Even just DRINKING urine can make you pretty sick (or so I am told), so it would definitely be poison to your blood (and a pain in the ass for your kidneys).

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