How do you Figure This Out?

Listerine mouthwash can be used as a deoderant. Douse your armpits with it and the smell vanishes within a couple minutes.

12 thoughts on “How do you Figure This Out?”

  1. Hmmmm – If anyone tries this, please let me know. By the way, we are not liable for any under-arm burns incurred in verifying this fact.

  2. How? – how you gonna douse your armpits that way? do you just ‘throw’ the listerine up? cause from what i know, my armpit is also my ‘under’ arm…it’s gonna be messy!

  3. who would do that? – 1. Who would do that? and 2. If someone use mouthwash for deoderant they’re on krack…becuz mouthwash if for ur MOUTH and deoderant is for ur ur ARMPITS…so therefore ik that’s not true.

  4. lay down – lay down, pour the listerine slowly under your pits by putting the mouth of the bottle on your pits, and close them quickly. THen put the bottle in your brother’s room :)

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