ew…thats just wrong!!!

The only way a cow can clean out its nose is to lick the gooie substance called BOOGERS out with its tongue…YUCK!!!

4 thoughts on “ew…thats just wrong!!!”

  1. Thats NastY! – Ok Whats Up with you people And COWS!! Eww!!! I dont Care What the Cows Lick and What is in their Nose!! HahAha

  2. … – Dont read the fact then!

    Cows are officially the most disgusting beasts of burden there is, and still we eat their flesh and drink their milk… its almost enough to put me off burgers and breakfast cereal for life. almost.

  3. nasty???? – it’s most likely they are pooping while licking boogers off….talk about drinking more milk….

  4. … – well, it’s not exactly like they have fingers to pick their nose, and i doubt they know how to use a kleenex, and even more doubt they can get their hoof up to their nose

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