Arachnids vs. Mortality

On average, more people fear spiders than death.

15 thoughts on “Arachnids vs. Mortality”

  1. SQUISH! – whenever i see a spider, i just step on it. ne1 afraid of them r just chickenshoot or mental (or both)

  2. Wrong – People fear spiders because they pose a death threat? Granted not most of the time this is irrational, but it’s an intuitive thing.

  3. i fear spiders – i fear spiders big time, im not sure if i fear them more than death. i only fear spiders becuase they look scary, and because of something i heard somewhere. theres this spider that can bite you when your asleep and if you dont go to the doctor i think you can either die or get hurt like really really bad, does that mean that i fera death more than spiders???

  4. Um hum – If you’re scared of spiders because you know they can kill you, then yes, that means you’re more afraid of death. Don’t worry about it though, spiders very very very rarely bite anyone while they’re asleep. No spiders eat humans so they only attack when they feel threatened, and you’re not a threat when you’re asleep,

  5. *shudder* – I have severe arachniphobia! I hate spiders and all they are about…I like….cannot even look at them! I hate em! Hate em!!!! and To wingmaster, if that makes me chickenshoot or mental than so be it!

  6. Mizzaberry…. – SPIDERS DO BITE PPL WHILE THEY’RE ASLEEP!!!! It’s happened to me a lot! If my room is dirty, spider bite. If I go camping, hundreds of spider bites. Usually, only the little ones bite, and there are only like, 2 deadly spiders in the world and they aren’t the kind you see in the bathtub early in the morning. And, yes, spiders do scare me, but people are diffrent and I guess I could be considered a chicken shoot…

  7. CrimsonCut – Yes, spiders bite people when they’re asleep, but RARELY. And it’s nothing to do with having a dirty room (though the fact that you think your room is dirty enough to attract wildlife is worrying). As for camping, there are thousands of spiders around you so yeah. Maybe you move around a lot in your sleep and scare them?

  8. I agree with 1 person – I agree with u, Bookish-Freak, becuz ik someone who has arachniphobia, and the person kan’t help it becuz she fears spiders, I mean put it this way u have ppl out there who have their own fears, and believe me it’s not just spiders it’s other shoot out there to. So, Wingmaster u kan shut the frag up, becuz u don’t know how it is to have a severe phobia over something what someone else kan’t kontrol, and I don’t either, but I’ve witnessed someone who’s feared soemthing, and it’s not a good thing, and by the way Wingmaster next time think of another word rather then chickenshoot, that’s a korny-ass word.

  9. hmm… – I love spiders… and i welcome death… hmm… i live with tons of spiders actually. They don’t bite. Ah, why am I bothering 2 friggin post this?? Nobody cares!

  10. so? – some spiders can end life, so when you see a huge spider you should think about the spider killing you.

  11. HA! I’m laughing but i’m not REALLY laughing…… – YEah, i would understand fear of spiders, which some can kill people, yeah only because they fel threaten and scared. And it’s funny, you get a spider-bite from a deadly one and find out they haven’t got a cure fot it!!! Hahahaha……….noooo. So basically death should be feared, it could happen to you anywhere, anytime or anyplace. Think about it, we do not see things that should reallly be seen…..(Physco theme song), MAn i’m scaring myself! LOL

  12. why? – whould ou fear death?
    what is it that people are so scared of in death?
    just the fact that they dont know hat happens after isnt reason enogh for this fear
    as for spiders you sould thank them because they keep the insect population under control

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