Amazon Woman

If Barbie were life-size her measurements would be 39-23-33. She would stand seven foot, two inches tall.

16 thoughts on “Amazon Woman”

  1. smile – she’d also be out of proportion and would fall over because of her unusually large breast size and small waist and then would DIE…just some happy knowledge for ya! XD

  2. what the!!!! – You guys and girls already know that barbies a freak right?Well did you know that Ken is barbies brother?…….

  3. Riiiiight….. – Suuuuure… that’s why Ken left the picture after ‘Barbie and the Nutcracker’…

  4. True – How is that life-size? Wouldn’t life-size be abour 5’8″? By the way, The creator of barbie has a daughter named Barbie and a son named Ken. I wonder where she got the names for the dolls? ;)

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