Wrestle this…

The average I.Q. of a WWF fan is 83. Roughly 30 points below the national average. (USA)

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  1. … – They’re saying “average,” meaning not every single person is the same. It’s just rounded to about there. :)

  2. Ugh – All you people with apparently high IQs don’t even know that “I”, when in reference to yourself, is spelled with a capital letter. Two of you don’t even end your sentences with full stops.

  3. —> nah noe way! – but thers no wae 83 cud b under the nashonal average becus mi iq is 50. this does not sownd two righte?

  4. Oh yea? – oh yea? I love wrestling and i have an IQ of 132… so please…

    maybe u meant those who believe that it’s real…

  5. BE REALISTIC! – come on- how are they going to figure out the average iq when the dont even know what everyones iq is- what do they do surveys- how do they know these people are giving them their real iq’s anyway my iq is 163 and im a wwf fan

  6. Guess what – Mizberry- you know just because your not grammatically correct on the INTERNET does not mean that you are not smart- i dont use appropriate grammer on the internet because i dont feel like taking the extra time to enter the appropriate grammer for people i dont know and most likely will never meet

  7. u guys.. – why u guys talking about UR IQs? there talking about the god-damn wrestlers not u guys. Who gives a frag about u guy’s IQs??

  8. yo – Santana if you hate this website/ppl on this website so much then how bout you go make some real friends and get a life k? cuz no one is benefitting from your little insulting comments, kk? good.

  9. …… – Cat you must be the biggest retard on the planet, because if your tiny brain hasn’t noticed, people have their own opinions.

  10. hmmm – maybe it is just a coincidence, i mean maybe there are just some people hoo watch it that arnt very smart, while there still being very smart people

  11. Hmph. – I’m a WWE fan and I have an IQ of 182.

    I’m also the only person here who knows how to spell and punctuate.

  12. Im so smart – I luv WWE and my I.Q. is around 40. Am I smart. and wy did my skool kik mi owt ofe hte spelign B?

  13. iqs r notin – i have an iq of 50 somthin and im probly smarter than all of u put together
    its how the school thinks u are not how smart u are and everyone knows
    school is just a waste of time to keep herowin addicts off the street.
    sorry if i was a lil bit mean in dat first sentance.

  14. Wow . . . – I’m sorry, but there is no f—ing way that everybody here is some sort of genius. 163? 183!? I don’t think anybody here realizes how incredibly high a 183 IQ is. I would guess that fewer than 0.01% of the population has an IQ that high, and I am not exaggerating. Maybe everybody here took that same damn IQ test I did, the one I easily scored 193 on. Actually, I said it took me at least 15 minutes, when it clearly took me much less, so I would have gotten a 200. Now, I don’t think I have a low IQ, but there is no way in hell that it is that high. If you really want to know how smart you are, get a PROFFESSIONAL IQ test. Now, Santana, if there is anybody more stupid than you, I would be surprised. I’m sure you don’t try to use correct punctuation/spelling/grammar, but that just proves my point. We ARE talking about the FANS and NOT the WRESTLERS. READ THE F—ING FACT BEFORE YOU YELL AT OTHER PEOPLE FOR NOT READING IT!!! And Deadbob, we don’t care how old you are, age doesn’t affect your IQ. Besides, even if you are in elementary school, that doesn’t mean that you’re young, knowing the people on this forum . . . Anyway, an IQ test is supposed to measure the Quotient (IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient) of the average intelligence for your age to your intelligence, measured in percent (Although because people tend to learn the most as an infant, and then less and less each year, it tends to be a little skewed.). I took an IQ test in Kindergarten, but I don’t remember the result. It may have changed by now, because people’s IQs can change, for better or worse.

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