7 thoughts on “yikes!”

  1. deaths per day – Well – its a sure thing that undertaking isnt a dying trade (scuse the pun)

  2. Bad Calculations – The average is 1 every 11 seconds. That comes out to approximately: 5 every minute, 327 every hour, 7,854 every day, 54,981 every week, 235,636 every month, and 2,866,909 every year.

  3. Where is that – I assume this is just in the US? Otherwise we would definitely have some population problems

  4. ummm…. – We, uh, do have a population problem. The problem is that even for people are born each day. Most of them in Third-World countries.

  5. ??????? – they die by what?(natural causes, car accidents, murder, suicide) or all put together?

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