Stop and Have a Pie

There’s a town in New Mexico called Pie Town that consists of two restaurants and a post office. It was originally a stoppong place along a long stretch of road. It’s famous for having good pies!

7 thoughts on “Stop and Have a Pie”

  1. Freak 101… chill… find pie town and eat a piece. – yea, so you study towns, if i could be there to test you right now i would say this, name 150 towns in upstate new york, you may live in new mexico but that doesnt mean that you know there isnt a town called pie town.

  2. Pie Town to Nutt – There is also a town in southern New Mexico called Nutt. It contains two structures. A tiny convenience store called “The Nutt Mall” and the “Middle of Nowhere Bar” which is twice the size.

  3. . . . A little confused? – Before I even start, check out this link: —————————————————————————— Now, I don’t know where you found out about “Pie Town, Mexico,” but I am betting that it came from a story about “Pie Town, NEW Mexico, USA,” and grew. Pie town isn’t that small, considering I found 114,000 links when I searched for [“Pie Town” Mexico], and it would obviously not just have two restaurants and a post office. First of all, to be a town, it would have to have HOUSING. Second, it would be completely impossible to make any money at a post office there, considering the town’s population is apparantly 0, but a COMBINATION of a post office and one or two other things might. My Dad once lived in a town of 23 inhabitants in California, which had one building which was the General Store/inn/post office/gas station/home, and believe me, the people who lived there WEREN’T rich.

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