polar bears

polar bears do not have white fur, it is actually clear and hollow. the skin underneath this fur is actually black

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  1. Air conditioning – Water is retained inside the hollow fur, reflecting light and making them appear white.

  2. Umm… – The fur is black so that it absorbs heat more readily, and the fur is clear and hollow so it provides warmth, and also to ‘channel’ light to the surface of the skin, also keeping it warm, much like an optic-fibre. The reason why it appears white to us is because we are seeing some of the light coming back out from from the fur. Cardshark… Aircon.. they are in SNOW! Why would they need to be kept cool??!! They want to absorb the light, not reflect it!

  3. Truth – Actually. There are two layers of fur on the polar bear. The underfur is white, and similar to the rest of the Ursus family. coarse and fluffy. There is a layer of guard hairs that are in fact “hollow” or “clear” which allows the light to travel down the shaft, and have it absorbed into the skin below. Thus, why polar bears do not -look- black, but do, in fact, have black skin.

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