Grains of Sand

There are more stars than all of the grains of sand on earth.

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  1. and they know this how? – has anyone actually counted all the stars? or all of the grains of sand?

  2. Ummmmm – i have to agree with the fact. As far as we know the universe stretches on forever, meaning more stars!!

  3. Got a question – Say that space exspands at speed of light and one day someone goes out on a space ship that goes faster than the speed of light. When we would reach that point where we have caught up to where space is exspanding what would happen? would we basically stop like hitting a brick wall or would be go through to a different place not known of? (And yes i know noone could possibley travel that far i was just wonderin because my friend asked me)

  4. incorrect – You would not stop like hitting a wall. Even if there is nothing there, you would still keep going. It would just be a vaccum. There is nothing is space, which is why it’s called “space”. In between planets and stars, there is nothing at all. Also, no one knows how many stars there are, because the atmosphere is so foggy, that we can’t see them all, and also, by the time the light from a star 1000 light years away reaches, the star could have exploded! It took 1000 years for the light to reach us! Light travels 1 light year in one year, in case you dodn’t know.

  5. nobel – crisis, if anyone knows the answer to your question, they would win a nobel prize. and i think they did an estimate on the stars and sand…eg. 100 ‘sq ft’ of space (or whatever astronomers measure space in) has 10,000 stars …then they just estimate the area/volume of space and find out approximately how many stars there are and the same goes with sand… … …

    i think

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