That Traitor!

Bill Gates once was an employee for Apple. He worked with Jobs and Wasniak (sp?) to develop the OS for the first Apple computers. Later, he left Apple and began his own little company, known as Micro-Soft. It later became known as Microsoft… the reigning king of the software industry as we all know it.

5 thoughts on “That Traitor!”

  1. Bills OS – Auctually Bill Gates pitched his idea to improve Apples OS to the higher ups and was shot down. I guess it’s there own fault that Microsoft is number one. They had there chance.

  2. the drug dealer method – bill gates after he started microsoft used the drug dealer method (free samples until they are hooked then wam jack up your price) to get people hooked on windows a broken down piece o’ crud Operating System soon enough the government will switch to linux (brazil already has) and developers will start making their stuff for linux and bill gates will be broke

  3. not quite poor. . . – Even if every changes their OS, Bill Gates will still be damn rich. He probably has enough money tucked away to last the rest of his life. Unless someone hacks into his bank account (mostly likely immpossible) and does something there.

  4. marketing genius – bill gates is a marketing genius not a computer genius any decent hacker could hack his stuff… unless he’s using firewalls and stuff written by hackers.

  5. more fun stuff – biil gates stole the stuff for windows 3.1 from apple which took most of the things it developed from xerox which thought it was worthless (xerox thought that nobody would like a device called a mouse). Just think of what would have happened if xerox had kept all of their information from apple

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