Rabbit Radar

You can tell how a rabbit is feeling (emotion-wise) through the position of its ears. If the ears are standing tall, pointing forward, the rabbit is happy and curious. If the ears are laid completely flat on its back and are pointing backwards, the rabbit is more than likely pissed off or frightened. If one ear is halfway up and somewhat cocked towards you, and the other one is standing compeltely up, but facing away from you, then the rabbit is confused, and curious as to what the heck you’re doing.

6 thoughts on “Rabbit Radar”

  1. Guineas – Wonder if that’d work for my guinea pigs…Nevermind. I don’t want to picture her ears attempting to stand straight up.

  2. uh that works with alot of animals – ok for sure, it works with horses and dogs, and those are two TOTALLY different animals, so im guessing it works for alot others, if a horse is happy/eager its ears will prick forward, if it is ripsh** its ears will pin to the back of its head, and so on and so forth …..pCe, mari

  3. hummmm – I was chasing a rabbit one night…and it hit the fence, while laying on the ground having the legs still in full motion of running, it did that ear halfway up thing…I guess it was really confused….

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