Can it Be True!?

Wrestling is, in fact, completely fake and staged! There you have it folks, the whole myth has been set aside and proved.

*If you do not believe that it is fake, then I urge you to attend one of these matches live. If you pay enough attention, then you just might see how fake things can get. Basically, the WWF is a man’s soap opera, with sweaty muscular guys, and hot chicks with skimpy outfits. I say it like it is. :-)

45 thoughts on “Can it Be True!?”

  1. obivously – everybody knows that, but it’s no longer called the WWF they had problems with the world wildlife federation and had to change to WWE

  2. You all suck – Wrestling is not fake , there was a point a long time ago where it was fake but its not , those of you who think so ARE FRAGileING INSANE GAY ASS SON OF A BITCHES!!

  3. i agree – thats true. they dont have like every move scheduled. just they know whos gonna win and maybe how long the match will last. but the moves differ. ha. im smart.

  4. DUH!!! – Of course wrestling is fake! They plan the whole thing, never actually hit the opponent, and practice falling so it doesn’t hurt. If it was real, a tombstone or a piledriver would snap their neck instantly. Truth of reason, u are a retard and an ignorant @$$. I agree with wingmaster19 completely.

  5. . . . – They do really get hurt. Falling off a 10 foot ladder is going to hurt whether or not you did it on purpose.

  6. true – They do get hurt, but it’s staged and rehersed so it isn’t serious. They all can take pain too. Stone Cold’s leg braces are real, but it was a mistake that he got hurt. They would get hurt a lot more if it were real. They tap people’s arm so they know when to prepare.

  7. oh my god! – shut the hell up loser!!!

    ffs we all know this ,weve known it for decades,but if you think you can do it then just go in there and try ,its a lot harder than you think

  8. oh and one more thing – these people arent pathetic,it may be cheesy but who the hell cares?! these people do risk their lives in each match ,shane landed on his head and was nearly knocked out,but he finished the match,steve austin almost got his neck broken by owen hart but he still finished the match,triple h pulled his quadricept,ripped it out, and still finished the match.doing an elbow drop from the top of the well over 70 foot stage setting takes balls.pulling off a german suplex is as much life threatening as sky diving

  9. Everyone of yall are stupid – oki seriously, all of yall that say wrestling is fake. You may as well go jump off a bridge or kill yourself somehow, because you have no idea what your talking about. I wrestle for an small time company in my area called the VCW (Virginia Championship Wrestling). Nothing is fake except who wins. Every time the wrestlers hit each other, they really do. Not always is it a closed fist or as hard as it seems, but we do get hit, sometimes very hard. The reason you dont feel the pain during hte match is because you have all sorts of Adreline running through your body, increasing your pain tollerance. but when you wake up in teh morning you feel it. Sure wrestling is staged, but in no way is it FAKE. We tell each other what moves we are going to do either verbally or by attack signals, thats just so we can brace for it, but everything attack is real.

  10. fake as hell – ok listen,the undertaker punches kane in the fraging face 5 times and no blood.what the frag,let me punch you 5 times,then tell me if you still believe its fake

  11. good point – They do get hit. They just don’t hit hard. The punches are obviosly fake. Thed can’t fake falling though, or bleeding. Stone Cold once wrestled for an entire wrestlemainia with his face busted in. They defenity get hurt. It is staged and rehersed though. Shut the frag up Truth of reason.

  12. asshole – Truth of reason, you are an uneducated frager who obviouly has no life, if you managed to convince himself that WWE wrestling is real. Please have someone do a piledriver on you so you break your neck and die. Then we won’t have to listen to your endless ranting.

  13. Then why did….. – Holk Holgan bleed when he fell of the cage in a cage match?No I did not want to watch it,the only T.V. in the house that I could use was being used by a boy who likes the fake WWFE

  14. hmmm – All you fools who think that wrestling is real should just stop making idiots out of yourselves. I mean really, even when you watch the matches on TV, you can clearly see that when someone gets “punched”, the fist makes almost no contact with the other persons face. Also, have you ever relized that when anybody falls down, the floor bounces like a fraging trampaline?

  15. true – that’s because the floor IS a trampoline. It is totally fake. Well, not totally. Like I said before, they do get hurt, and they do fall. The blood is when they make a mistake usually, but sometimes it’s staged. I only like the games like WWE: Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain. They’re fun. ;)

  16. Truth of Reason is A fraging morron – FRAGile U Truth of Reason Go back to sucking your dads dick u transvestite

  17. wrestling is fraging fake – for the majority of the ppl who think wrestling is fake I agree….it is fake!!! wrestling is nothing but made up shoot in the 1st place, they rehearse over everything and then once they get in the ring it’s just fake. u kan tell that wrestling is fake by watching it on tv, I kan’t imagine it when ur watching it live. I mean k’mon ppl, if u think wrestling is real, all u dumb-ass motha fragas need a big-ass reality check becuz it’s fake as hell. For all u stupid-asses who think it’s real ya’ll have problems….serious problems. I mean it doesn’t take a damn rocket scientist to figure that shoot out.

  18. It isn’t fake – This is what happens. The creative department for WWE comes up with the matchs and the winners. Before the match the wrestlers involved in the match come up with big things that they can do in the match. During the match one of them put the other guy in a hold and one of them call the moves that they are about to do like hiptoss, armdrag, stunner. And sometimes some of the moves are fake but it isn’t fake all the time. I am a wrestler so I know alot about it. My very first match was with Ric Flair. It was a fluke.

  19. I went to Wrestlemania 17 – Stone Cold and The Rock went through the whole match with blood gushing out of their head. And at armageddon Rikishi almost broke his back from falling off of a hell in a cell so if you think it is fake you are wrong. A long time ago matchs would go for hours so they had to fix the matchs.

  20. I am going to do something to find out if WWE is fake or not – I have some connections and I will find out. I am very curious because I have been out of wrestling for awhile. I will ask.

  21. Meh… – Wrestling is fake,well staged.The people are backstage talking and when they bleed they do cut their foreheads with razors.Cause eather the ref has it and gives it to them when they go to see if they are okay OR they have it in the tape thats around their wrists.Thats how they bleed.When they do wrestle the puches and hits are real but not hard,and they end up hitting them where the other wrestler cut their selfs or hit them with something their so that they bleed more.IT’S NOT KETCHUP>.< .If you read Mick Foleys book he tells you all about the shoot they do.

  22. dude its canvas – canvas have u ever hit canvas it bounses cause its streched so tight that it wont break but it stoings that’s why they hold their backs when there suplexed it doesn’t hurt as bad as it seems to on t.v. it only stings for a while…you DUMB MA FACOS


  24. yeah so… – Yeah wrestling might be stage and all planned out, but do realise that there is a legitimate risk in what those guys do, i know this because i used to wrestle…so before you start dissing it actually get in a ring and see how it will knock the hell out of you

  25. No Sh!T – werstling is obviously FAKE. when they bleed they hav tiny little metal cut thingies iin the heads and all they hav to do is move the hand across their head and they’ll start bleeding. If U hav tivo or sum sort of cable company that allows u to pause, u can see the punches and other things dont actually hit the people somtimes. Thats why wrestlers only bleed in the head and upper part of arm because if u put the tiny metal things on your risk or hand u’ll cut a vein or so. Also the moves dont even hurt u as much as stubbing ur toe. They only dramatically act it so they can make it seem real.

  26. Oh yea – when they get in submission moves(moves that hold u tite) u can see them talking to each other when the cameras up close. Did I also tell u im a huge fan of wwe -.-.

  27. it a way – ok man, yeah, it is planned BUT they feel real pain, any wrong move and someone could have a broken neck, or seriously injured, and have to be freakin’ tough to be a wrestler, now if you watch U.F.C. then thats a mix of boxing, kickboxing, and grappeling and its real, and I swear on my balls about that! and, if you look up “backyard wrestling” on the web, its real to, stupid people trying to be like wrestlers, and they beat the living hell outa each other.

  28. lol!!! – of corse its true! lol i agree with zmonkeyboy! hah!
    i like it too but they dont have wwf were i am
    =-( but anywayz plz tell us ALL if u have ever seen rock
    “punch” someone and after he does it fifty times there is blood.
    next time u see them fight look for blood or somthin anywere at all besides
    their head! id give u a hundred bucks to record it and send it to me.

  29. Heh – Ok all of you who think its real your right.All of you who think its fake your right. The entire thing is staged and most of the stuff is planned out. Truth is they do get hurt and the blood they bleed is real. But thats on purpose. They keep a blade in their wrist tape or finger tape or w/e. Or the ref gives it to them. Then The make a cut on their forehead and then mixed with the sweat makes it look like your bleeding badly. They do get hurt but its not purposly the table under hhh broke and he injured his knee. So basicly the truth is,
    The fighting is semi-fake and. The story and everything is staged out. They do get hurt. They really do bleed and thats that. Thank you. my proof is here
    And if anyone doesnt belive me or that site. Prove me wrong.


  30. Good actors? – Most people know that probably the most famous WWE wrestler, the Rock, became a reasonably good actor, depending on your opinion. I can’t say that I think the show’s very good, though. The acting’s pretty corny, the plot is predictable, and the only matches of which you can’t tell the outcomes are absurdly back and forth and stupid. Basically, the manager decides, in the long run, how the plot should turn out, with others helping him on the twists. Clearly anyone can tell how obvious and exaggerated the punches are, but a few of the moves are done well enough. Of course, anyone who thinks the back stage fights are real needs to get their head out of their ass and the crack out of their nose for long enough to realize that nowhere else does a camera crew follow around the wrestlers when they fight, broadcasting the picture live to the screen for the audiance, and at the same time recording it for editing and then TV/dvd. And if you thinhk that in real life a referee would allow someone to punch them in the face, grab a steel folding chair, and bash the $hit out of the opponent, you need to go back to 2nd grade. Sure, if the ref is standing he might take the chair away, but then he doesn’t punish them!!! And if you get an illegal hold, you can hold it for 5 SECONDS before letting go!? Seriously, “Truth of Reason”, I REALLY suggest thinking sometime. It seriously improves your life. Unless your Bush, then you can keep $hitting in your mouth before you talk and still be president.

  31. Falls – well, yeah, if you fall it can hurt. But the ladders aren’t 10 feet high, they don’t fall flat on their backs, and they PRACTICE. Their is a technique to falling to lessen the pain (ask a paratrooper), and they do usually fall onto a somewhat soft matt, not concrete. Besides,big falls tend to decide the match, so they can go and rest after a big fall.

  32. blood; risk – Well, it could be a razorblade that they cut themselves with………or it could be the “blood-packets” of realistic blood in the turnbuckles, weapons, etc. Those of you with the “razorblade idea” probably got it from one instance once when they did that so they could say that and not get sued. No doubt their is inherent risk involved in fake death-defying wrestling, but they take every reasonable precaution they can, mapping out the matches beforehand, saying when the moves are coming, using an overly-padded ring, etc. Long time wrestlers have been hurt, and it’s not extremely rare to bleed. But I’ve bled before, hell, I bet even the people posting on “biblical leniancy” a lot have bled before (yes, I know I posted there). I heard that one wrestler died in an entrance mechanical failure, and maybe he did. But that was not the wrestling, and that was a fluke. And yes, Steve Austin wears leg braces (I think), but that’s only because he has wrestled for a long time, and overworked his legs, not because some sharpshooter hold broke them, or something like that. Sometime those of you in middle/high/college should try wrestling, it’s a great sport, and it hurts (I wrestle). But when you compare real scholastic wrestling to WWE, it looks weak and pathetic. So there is no money in real proffessional wrestling, and instead you see people do impossibly damaging moves over and over before having the other person turn it around. In a real match like that, people would be dieing and getting broken bones left and right (almost every match), and the matches would be hella short. It’s so unreasonable to think (without any evidence) that WWE is real, that I don’t think I will bother posting it here again.

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