Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew does reduce your sperm count significantly.

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  1. A lotta sperm – I’ve heard that this is true but not really important. The difference between 2 billion and 1 billion is alot but when one will do the job its not a big deal. Besides I have a friend with 12 children and the man drinks mountain dew like water. A funny note: He and all his childrens names start with K as does their last name

  2. Mountain Dew Kills – Not only does it lower the sperm count, but it eats your stomach linning, causing ulcers, even death.

  3. o_0 nope not rite 0_o – that was a rumar that one of the dye’s did it but do to resent studies they have found that it does not

  4. PFFFT… – If that’s true more horny dudes should be doin the dew…or you all could just you know…wear that little rubber/latex… hat called a CONDOM!… besides so what if it kills some sperm where the hell do you think it goes when they whack off 1-10 times a day? I doubt they’re saving it… and sperm is replaced quickly…..

  5. where are you all from? Mars? – mountain dew doesnt lower the freakin sperm count. its an urban myth. see look at this from a Medical website.

    Member question: Is it true that Mountain Dew and Mello Yellow lower sperm count?

    Dr. Amos: NOT TRUE! It’s an urban myth. There is no scientific evidence that these lower the sperm count. I am unsure where this comes from, but no reliable studies can confirm it.

    this was found on

    check it out urself

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