Mona Leo?

If you superimpose Leonardo De Vinci’s face over that of the Mona Lisa, you will find that the bone structures are identical.

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  1. In reality… – There’s been some debate over the mona lisa… Many artists and other people as well are fully convinced that there is no mona lisa, and there never has been. they think that good ol’ Leonardo done a self portrait of him self in the form of a woman

  2. Mona lisa – X-rays of the Mona Lisa reveal that there are three other versions of it, all painted by Da Vinci, underneath it.

  3. Thats crazy – I think we should burn the Mona Lisa. Not only cuz burning things is fun, but it’ll make our lives a lot easier.

  4. ??? – I dont know why the mona lisa is so fraging costly and just because its old isnt a valid reason you fragers. Its a piece of shoot scribble anyways.

  5. The Da Vinci Code – By Dan Brown. Read it. I warn you now, it is a thick book, so don’t shoot yourself if you find it hard to comprehend. It explains about Da Vinci’s religion, and what Mona Lisa is hiding in her secretive smile. She is a beautiful piece of art work, if you can handle being outside your comfort zone, fly to the Louvre and see her for yourself.

  6. Good book – The Da Vinci Code IS a very good book (for those of you that haven’t heard about it, it’s a mystery/supense novel with a lot of interesting facts in it about symbology, art history, and most controversially Christianity. I won’t ruin it for you, but it talks of the Holy Grail, and it will seriously surprise you. However, that doesn’t mean that everything it claims to be true is. All such books present their case very strongly, but that doesn’t mean there is no debate over the Holy Grail and such; there is. That doesn’t mean his points aren’t at all valid, but they aren’t necessarily certain. As for the other layers of paint under the Mona Lisa, they are most likely sketches, rough jobs, and failed attempts by Da Vinci (It was too expensive to buy new canvas). –ONE MORE THING– The reason The Da Vinci Code gives for the Mona Lisa being so famous (most likely the true reason) is that Da Vinci claimed it was his best work. It is RIDDLED with hidden symbology.

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