The longest word that can be typed on the top row of letters on a “Qwerty” keyboard is TYPEWRITER.

17 thoughts on “Coincidence?”

  1. huh? – wut is a qwerty typewriter? hey!! also, when i was typing that, all the letters followd each other, starting with q. qwerty! how kewl izzat??

  2. u ppls! – y cant u ppl rite da whol wrd is it dat hrd?
    (Why can’t you write the whole word, it is that hard?)

  3. moron – hey moron, the reason qwerty wat in a row was because he meant the keyboard started with the letters Q-W-E-R-T-Y. its not the name of the keyboard

  4. qwerty stuff – qwerty is not a name for a keyboard but it refers to the first 6 letters on the upper left of the keyboard. that’s how it was called qwerty because there were some KBs that was released with ABCDEF key arrangements. thankfully, it wasn’t successful.

  5. FRAGile ALL SUBJECTS!!! – he was calling it a qwerty keyboard cuz not all keyboards hav qwertyuiop on the top row. U
    all must b dumbasses not 2 realize that

  6. Erm… – Quoting Whizegirl: “He/she said that the longest word.So HA!” Actually, he/she said that typewriter was the longest word, not qwerty. Typewriter, as you may have noticed, is a word. Qwerty is not, nor has anyone indicated that it is.

  7. u guys get off the damn subjekt too much – u dumb-ass motha fragas are talking about ‘qwerty’ and ‘qwerty’ is not even the issue. What it saying is if TYPEWRITER is the longest word that kan be typed using the type row letters….and it’s FRAGileING TRUE!!!

  8. so? – So what if they get off subject? You dont have to be a rude-ass! You definitely need some anger management if THAT pisses you off!!!

  9. TriviaQueen…. – Why don’t u take some Midol?…u pms’ing BITCH!! and leave me the FRAGile alone!!

  10. jesus – ok i don’t want to start an argument but i’ve looked at a lot of these facts on this site and some of the comments and seeing all these ppl argue about these pointless things is just getting annoying. I’m not gonna mention any names cuz i’m sure that might start something else but i just would like to remind you that these comment pages are made for ppl to say what they think about the fact and not to start conversations or fights with the other ppl with comments, so if you have a problem with someone’s thoughts on this topic than please get their e-mail or something and discuss it somewhere else.

  11. hellz yea – you go just me.. you said it fo sho’…anywho… i agree with just me completely…you all should stop hating on every one and everything…it leads to nothing but anger and violence…so stop it bitches! lol

  12. ok, once and for all – alright, my brother is a computer nut, and qwerty is the type of keyboard we use now because dvorak (the old type) was made so efficiently that 80 wpm on it would be like not even trying. but people were typing so fast the typewriters would jam, so they put common letters by weaker fingers. hence, the a by the pinky. this is so people’s typing would slow down so the typewriters would not jam. you can reset your keyboard to dvorak. my brother and i are trying to learn it…but its hard

  13. just to let ya know – just to tell y’all….”Qwerty” IS the name of the keyboard, and it IS also a word… Look it up (in a new dictionary)

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