PcGamer readers are all mighty and should be obeyed explicitly, lest they release the wrath of the Coconut Monkey upon the wrong doers.

7 thoughts on “PcGamer”

  1. Coconut Monkey! – Pc Gamer rocks! Has anyone played “American McGee’s Alice” yet? I recommend it, and so does PC Gamer! The best thing on earth!

  2. What the heck are you talking about?! – What is a Pcgamer?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I don’t have Pcgamers in oregon.All oregon has is gameboy,gameboy color,gameboy advance,gameboy advance SP.

  3. hmm… – I’m sure they have PCGamer in Oregon. It’s a magazine about computer video games. I get Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and Playstation Magazine (PSM)

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