like a top

The earth wobbles on its axis every 21-26,000 years

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  1. Very simple to find out – All someone has to do is have no life and record the position of Polaris (North Star) each year. It changes slightly. Once you have enough data, you can plug it in and figure out the arc degree that it encompassed. By looking at the arc degree and how long it took the Earth to reach a new arc degree, you can do some simple math from that point on to figure out how long it’ll take for Polaris to come back to the same spot in the sky again — 26,000 years.

  2. IMO – IMO, humans don’t know at least half of what they claim to do about space. For example, you can’t say: “This thing is here, and that thing is there, therefore the sun is blah-blah billions of miles away”. Bullshoot. Go up there and actually measure it, then I’ll believe you. Except you can’t, can you, because the sun is blah-blah degrees celcius. Bollocks. Get a thermometer up there and THEN tell me that. So I guess whether this fact is true or not comes down to whether you believe astronomers and scientists etc.

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