13 thoughts on “Caller ID drama”

  1. ummmm…..yeah – I live in California and know plenty of people with caller id and i have it on my cell phone.

  2. what? – yeah…. I think you missed that one dude. maybe if you added “if you are a business” at the end, or something… then it would be legit.

  3. nope – simply, no its not, i have it both at home and on my cell phone. i am friends with a police officer and she comes over here plenty and has never said a thing. check your facts

  4. Prove it – If you people that are refuting the validity of this fact could provide some hard evidence to backup your statements, that would go a long way to proving your hypothesis. How do we know you are telling the truth?

  5. stupid – Well, factguy, I have two questions for you. First, why would we lie? For the sheer enjoyment of playing Devil’s Advocate and saying one is wrong? I think not. Second, what evidence did he provide that Caller ID is illegal in California? Oh, I don’t see any. Oh yeah, you’ve been owned by a 13-yead old. Ahh, so much fun.

  6. duh – If you couldn’t have Caller ID then phone companies wouldn’t be able to advertise that they have caller ID. Your dumb.

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