Elbow Licking

It is impossible for one to lick one’s own elbow.


(75% of people reading this will try)

73 thoughts on “Elbow Licking”

  1. Impressive – Now that is impressive. Send a photo to the webguy and I will see that he posts it under your comment.

  2. The quest for a scanner is en route! – Once i find a scanner on campus i will have the picture posted in no time ma’dear!……excuse the small name change i lost my password and can’t get mail at that email anymore….hehe……

  3. precious things – its actually quite possible….my friend can do it…but then again he can also dislocate his shoulder…but it never said anything about restrictions so it still counts! so NAH! *sticks out tongue*

  4. What is an elbow? – But then again…what consitutes an elbow? The actual dry skin bit, or the sides? Or is the underneath included as well???

  5. You are all retarded – If you believe that you can do this good for you. If you can do this good for you. But the point of this is to prove just how dumb people can be. Its just like saying, No one can bite there ear. Which if you can do that, Wow! Your a freak.

  6. Elbow Licking – I know of one person who can lick their elbow. Gene Simmons (from the rock group Kiss) who as an unusually long tongue and can probably lick his own elbow, not that he’d want to…

  7. i can lick my elbow! – I read on the back of a candy bar that it wasn’t humanly possible, but my arms are “double jointed” and my tounge is very long!! So it is possible to lick your own elbow!

  8. I tried haha!! – i was trying to do it the whole day! it doesn’t work… but i know someone that can!!!! its crazy!! but i bet ya there is some trick!

  9. I CAN DO IT (and to my friend) – well ive got a fake arm so i take it off and lick it like my friends penis (yum yum) i also lick his arm too coz he sleeps in the same bed as me if you want sum realy good gay sex email me!! ;)

  10. oldish man looking for young male friend – IM ONLY 53 and looking for a young male 10-16 years only (i am not a petafile) *cough* *cough* email me ;)

  11. i have a big penis and ill lick your elbow for free ;) – im a whole 2.5inch’s so its all good well kinda coz i might be too big for you
    dont wory ill cut some off for you.

  12. elbowlicker you are hot! i dont like females unless they have a penis – MY MUM WAS STRAIT and my dad wasn’t he was full gay and he showed me a great time

  13. i once had a 9some with gay men – well i wish any way.. it was only 5 :( BUT U GUYS CANE MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!

  14. kiss my a** – everybody who thinks it is NOT possible to lick your elbow can kiss my puertorican booty. It is very possible, i can do it with no problems! So there.
    ps. colourfreeblackman, please stop sending those a** sucking messages.

  15. a**????? – wut the hell is a**???? dude, if u wanna say ass, just say it. none of that gay a** bull shoot

  16. to colour free blackman – to the aforementioned wackjob:
    go f*** some tree hugging gay bitchwhore’s a** and leave the rest of the populace the he** alone!!!! PS.dear some1 lost me: if i don’t want to make my language obvious, i don’t have to. i have the right to be sensitive to other’s feelings, and you have the right to be an a**hole ;) so there!

  17. how embarrassment! – i have to admit to trying to lick my elbow the first time i read this in an email… pretty shameful actually. its just scary that all these people can actually do it…. im glad to be outside of the 75% of ppls reading this time!

  18. I’m the majority – it’s impossible to do it if you’re not double-jointed or Gene Simmons. I tried it, so i guessed i’m the majority.

  19. Dude! – I can lick my elbow 2! I tried it in the middle of some girls english speach. random! No one else in my grade can lick there elbow so i am wondering how many peole in the world can lick their elbow. a percentage would do…

  20. By the way – By the way, i am not double jointed and i don’t have a long tongue or nething like that. It was just something that just came natural 2 me.

  21. Ewwwww…………………………….. – COLOUR FREE BLACKMAN your weird.If you wanna be such a gay man then go to a gay bar or somthing.

  22. normal elbow licking – i can lick my elbow, im not doubl jointed and my tongue isnt even long enough to touch my nose, so yeah….

  23. dear janedoe(again) – I’m not against gay or lesbians(I’m not a lesbian though)but he really is freaking me out.COLUORFREEBLACKMAN”s quote”I like kid’s 10-16″how creepy.
    -_-*shiver*He gave us a little too much information.Speedracer run away.Just read COLUORFREEBLACKMAN’s quote.

  24. Wait… – I saw this guy on t.v who licked his eye(to the eyebrow). Now, if his tounge can reach his eye, don’t you think it could reach his elbow?

  25. … – colred free black man probaly is just a kid say dimb shoot cuz he is immature and i dont think it is impossible to lick your elbow i cant do it but some people can

  26. Yeah…… – Your probally right but if he wasn’t a kid saying gay stuff then that’s really gross.

  27. please read – Color free black man is a feak! If he does that Im reporting him to the webmaster and or cops. if ur with me please reply.

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