Crocs Tongues

A Crocodile cannot stick out it’s tongue.

8 thoughts on “Crocs Tongues”

  1. hmm…. – Well, I guess that would have to be a good thing because of their instant biting action they would just bite it off…

  2. This one has to be true – Of course the crocidile can’t bite his tongue because THEY HAVE NO TONGUE! also, alligators can’t bite their tongues either cuz they dont have a tongue.

  3. I stupid people. – A) Alligators and crocodiles do have tongues. B) Neither of them have an “instant biting action.” They bite when they want to.

  4. FRIED CYCLOPS OF DOOM/doughnuts – well actually sorry to burst you bubble there peoples…but alligators and crocodiles do have tongues they’re just on the roof of their mouths so no they can’t stick it out but they do have them…

  5. Instant Biting Reaction? – What about when they get their teeth cleaned? Do they bite the bird? No, therefore, no biting action.

  6. gosh you people- get your facts straight – crocodiles cannot stick out their tounges because they are tiny- and they do have automatic snap reactions- anything that touches the flesh in a crocidlies mouth causes a crocodiles jaw to snap shut- cleaning birds do avoid touching a crocidiles mouth flesh

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