Another Weasle Popper

If you keep your eyes open by force during a sneeze, they can pop out.

11 thoughts on “Another Weasle Popper”

  1. Gamingguy ur fraging stupid – GAMINGGUY, kome up with a better question than that. I mean a little kid ain’t gonna think of a retarded-ass question like that.

  2. impossible – i agree it is impossible to sneeze wit ur eyes open and it would cause too much pain afterwards to glue them together and even that prob wouldn’t wrk.

  3. Eyes – If you hold them open and sneeze, they pop out of the back of your head. it is entirely possible. You can also crack a rib from sneezing too hard

  4. lol – ive done it, and why do u think i walk around with a dog everytime and use a stick when im walking…Hmm??

    X.X <— my eyes popped out and my eye sockets got sewed closed to stop the bleeding

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