Is it a hat?

In Spanish, the word “hombre” means: ‘shoulder’, ‘man’, and ‘hat’ all at the same time…how do they decipher?

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  1. Matter of context – The way in which you’re saying your sentence is how the word is translated. I speak spanish, and if someone is talking about the hat they bought at the hat store, it wouldn’t be interpreted as “I bought a new shoulder at the shoulder store”.

  2. Liar – If you really spoke Spanish, you would know that “man” is ‘hombre’, “shoulder” is ‘hombro’, and a homburg is a type of hat. Cede, bruja.

  3. Just if you are interested… – In spanish “hombre” means man, “Hombro” means shoulder and “homburg” is not even a word for spanish. It could be an “anglisismo” that is a word in english use in spanish but to be valid it need to be aproved by “Real Academia espaƱola” where they change the spelling of the word. In spanish does not exist a grammar rule that says you could put together the “r” and the “g”.

  4. okay then…. – “hombre” is man “hombro” is shoulder and “homburg” is a word in english that is used to describe the tip of a a sombrero (hat) homburg is not in the
    english-spanish dictionary.

  5. DUHHH – I got a D+ in spanish and i know that is not true hombre is a man hombro is a sholder i dont know what a hat is but i know the other 2 are correct

  6. hat man shoulder – Thats a nice man you have on ur head. I now pronounce you, hat and wife. I just have to put on my shoulder…hehe thankgod im not spanish

  7. duh….. – Here’s a tip. Before you put stuff up, try looking in any basic spanish dictionary.

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