Ninja Cat

Leopards are so stealthy that they can roam around a city like Manhattan with the chances of not being seen!

7 thoughts on “Ninja Cat”

  1. Time – Are we talking in the middle of the night when no one is up? If it is duing the day, it must mean they lurk in sewers, back alleys, or trees. There’s a lot of people in Manhattan. And a city is not like any other landscape, like forests, jungles, or plains. I think a leopard would have a difficult time adapting to the city with all its noise, polution, with all the people. Even if they do, there just isn’t enough time (to get from one hiding place to another) or places to hide from all of those preying eyes. At best I believe it would work in theory but fail miserably in real life.

  2. its true – 1 escaped in london afew years ago and dident get found for months estimated it had moved 1000’s of miles

  3. hmm – well if this is true maybe they are always wandering around manhatten and we just dont see them. stupid sneaky bastards

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