9 thoughts on “Cheetah”

  1. Cheetah – How come they’re now called Cheetahs then? Did someone try to play a game with them and they cheated? (no im not blonde)

  2. To “random person” – Yes you are. I’ve seen the crap you put on other comments. Especially that attempted ASCII pig.

  3. IM BLONDE – i find that very offensive (well…not really….but wutever) not all blondes are stupid! take me for example: i have a law degree from dartmoth, and im 21 and a lawer. not bad for a blonde, huh? stoppit wit the blonde shoot

  4. No Offense but………. – you sound like the person on Legally Blonde.Don’t call me stupid O.K.I’m young and I don’t give a crap what you think.Oh and I’m blonde and I’m not that dumb.The Cheeta comment or whatever,does not sound true because the Cheeta and the Leopards are two totally different species.Oh and random person,shutup.

  5. Strange – This strange fact provides many people with questions. I could ask maybe since they are so alike that it was just a mistake of identity. Would you not agree?

  6. u guys need to stick to the point – Whizegrl and some1 lost me, what does the damn fact (if it is a fact), has to do with being blonde or not?? u guys get way off the subjekt stick to the point, and random person u shouldn’t have said a word. Back to the topic, it’s not true.

  7. duh?!?! – y would u care, this site has WORTHLESS info, it is supposed to be fun, and u some1 lost me, u r a lawyer, dont u have better things to do than look at this site???

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